Friday, July 31, 2009


Want to watch an ageing "superman" Malaysian version in action?

or have you always wonder how a Malaysianised Wolverine will look like? (seriously, the other option for Wolverine would be my husband as some of my friends would say..haha)

...and have you been fantasizing about that sexy king kong in pink panties? Yes you read that right...king kong, not Paris Hilton. Haha..

Well, if you answer yes to all the above question then prepare yourself to be entertained by ALAMAK, the latest comedy series to be aired on Astro Ria (Channel 104) commencing on 5 August 2009 (which is next Wednesday people) at 9.30pm! If you are still in the blur, well ALAMAK's concept is more or less like Scary movies where they will do comedy spoof on Malaysian and Hollywood films (hence the Superman, Wolverine and King Kong lah!) . This half an hour show has actually sort of like film feel and has definitely a higher quality production compared to many programmes out there.

I know I know..hungry for more ALAMAK after seeing that sexy king king pose kan?'s the trailer especially for you guys!

So don't forget your date with ALAMAK and make yourself available right in front of the tv - 5th August 2009, Channel Astro Ria (104) at 9.30pm and prepare to laugh until no end ! Don't say I did not warn you ya..:)

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azzamoro said...

x saba nak tengok rancangan ni..hehe

nURmALa mAZLan said... ke citer yg org dok kata alamak alamak tu

buzymovie said...

klau nak download episode2 alamak ni
p je kat cni

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