Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The undomestic goddess

Besides going to Sarakids, Sunday was also the undomestic goddess day! I actually spent nearly half of the day in the kitchen yo, which is so unlikely of me. I actually made trifle in the morning, and then some pancakes for brunch and then nasi + lauk for lunch. I know you have been lusting after my trifle kan ( cepat mengaku..haha) so here's how did I do it.

Trifle is so easy to make that even a hopeless case in the kitchen like me can do it! Might be a good idea to rope in your kids to help you with the preparation too- though I refrain from asking Husayn to help me since he will probably totally squeezed the life out of the whipped cream. Now, here we goes..


Stuff for the trifle :
1 Swiss roll (bought two at Giant, First Choice brand, strawberry swiss roll. But one ended up being eaten by the tikus! Urgh!)
Jem strawberry (I bought the St Dalfour strawberry jam since that was the only jam I saw)
Fruit cocktail (my favourite is of course Del Monte's!)
Peach slices (bought Hosen's brand)
Whipped cream
Jelly (Jeli Nona is the best!)

For custard :
1 tin susu cair (I bought Ideal's evaporated milk because I found no susu cair at Giant!)
1 tin air
1/2 tin sugar
2 tablespoon custard + 1/2 cup water (bancuh)

1. To prepare the custard combine the Ideal's, plain water and sugar. Then add the custard mixture and mix everything together. Make sure it's not too pekat tau! Then cool it off for a while..

2. Slice the swiss roll and arrange it nicely in the casserole. Do you know the fruit cocktail juice? Pour some of the juice on the swiss roll but don't over do it! Next place the starberry jam, on top of the swiss roll.

3.Once the custard is cooled, pour the custard mixture on top of the jam. And then the fruit cocktail is next! Only the fruit cocktail ya, please don't include the juice.

4.Prepare the jelly and then once the jelly mixture is ready, placed the jelly on top of the fruit cocktail.

4. Once the jelly has hardened, layer the next layer with whipped cream.

5. Finally arrange the strawberry and peaches nicely on top! And put in the fridge for a few hours..and you're ready to eat!

Oh yes, I also made this baby pancakes, but Husayn complained "tak sedap la mama!" Haha. Memang nak kena ni.
I wish I have the maple syrup though. Here I just drizzled it with honey while my brother ate 3 of this thing with nutella and peanut butter. Heavenly!

On Sunday night my parents got back from sending my sister at Kota Bharu and they brought back this Kuih Seman. Haha. Lawak nama.
Totally taste like cotton candy and super ultra sweet! But I still wonder why they named this thing SEMAN. Anybody knows?

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yatie chomeyl said...

if I'm not mistaken, kuih tu bukan SEMAN namanya tapi SEMAI..I pun ingat2 lupa coz dah lama sgt tak makan.last time I makan time form 5 ..lebih kurang 10thn lepas huhuhu.. bets makan dia walaupun bersepah habis tepung2 tu siap melekat2 kat gigi lagi ngeh3x

btw, thanks 4 sharing the recipe for trifle yg melelehkan air liur tu..lepas habis pantang, leh try buat hehehehe

joegrimjow said...

dah sampai umah
ma je yg masakkan

nURmALa mAZLan said...

kak,walaupon senang membikin nyer..tp kalau org itu malas macam kita, x kan menjadi jugak..ahahaha~

eynda said...

Intan...teringinnyer nak try buat trifle tu...sebab sukatan senang ikut...kalau yg gram/liter tu susah (bagi eynda la)...thanks sebab share resepi :-)

Farah said...

hehe siap kasik brand lagi..bagus2..barang2 senang nak carik..mesti cuba ni!

supermummy said...

ooo ya ke..bukan seman..tapi tu la kat label dia tulis seman..ni sekarang pon tgh makan seman..kehkeh

ma masakkan? adakah refer kepada mak atau isteri? hihihi

ala mala..akak ni pon bukan rajin sangat..ada angin2 nya dtg baru la nak ke dapur..hahaha

nanti dah siap share la gamba ya..kehkeh

selamat mencuba! kalau tak sedap jangan marah ya..kehkeh

Liza said...

Desserts everywhere....mmg nampak sungguh yummy!

鐵火卷John said...


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