Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday events and contests

I'm taking a break from organising any contest for a while, but here's some contests and events around the local blogsphere if you are interested:

Pertandingan Bayi Comel Babah-Mummy
Held in conjunction with Father's Day (when is Father's Day anyway? I am so so ignorant..haha), you need to send 3 high res pics of your kid and stand to win a photography package worth RM300!

English Playshop for Ladies

Organised by Coach Sha, this workshop is aimed at ladies and mommies out there and designed to develop confidence in using English. To register please email Coach Sha at sha@mycoachingzone.net

Win a bag of your choice @ Malaysia Online Baby Shops (MOBS)
Remember Malaysian Supermummy's previous win a bag of your choice from Alicewonders.com? Well, this time they are doing the same thing at MOBS, so if you missed the opportunity before, here's your chance again!

Win a Tutu! Picture Contest
Tutus are so cool! But I have a son so that rule me out of the contest. And most of my cousins are boys so that also totally rule me out. But if you have a daughter and would love to see her parading herself in a gorgeous tutu do enter this contest. Custom-made, extra puffy, it will all make you jump giddily. But be warn, this is strictly for kids only, not the mothers ya. I am not responsible if you end up looking like Madonna in the 80s . Heheh.

If you have any more parenting related events or contests in any other blogs that you know, do leave a comment and link to the info. Honestly I am so grateful for this online contests since I so rarely win any contest held in the newspaper. But online? Have already won a few!

8 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

banyaknya contest! betul la.. sekarang ni dah tak terjoin! haha :)

Mummy Adriana said...


tq sbb promote..muahhsss..

Arin said...

father's day kalau tak silap 21 hb nih..

Watie Aziz said...

aah lah Intan, byk tul conytest skang yerk...u so good to inform in ur blog ..unless kita blog hopping, kalau tak mmg tak tau ..heheh..tq dear!!

mmm..awat u tak datang MSK? bz ker..?

Hanz said...

Hi Mummy Intan & All...

Just like to add, I'm holding 1st Giveaway too currently in my blog..pls check thru this link:-

Join in the fun!


liwaniel said...

byk contest sekarang ni kan

supermummy said...

haha betol2..zu bila nak buat giveaway lagi? heheh

mummy adriana
ur most welcome!

oo ya ke..sungguh ignorant saya..selalu ingat mother's day je..hahah

watie aziz
tak dtg msk sebab hari tu ada last minute punya arahan kena pegi sukan antara agensi..kehkeh..

thanks for informing! nanti i pun nak mencuba nasib la..kehkeh

betol2..boleh menang hadiah banyak2..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

ngeh ngeh... for some reason, i xleh join contest yg u list nie.. either i dah kene ban (haha.. padan muka haku!!), x cukup creative or xdak gegirl... lalala

-mama emma-

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