Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trying to break the why-Malaysian-Supermummy-is-always-missing barrier

Did you know since I started blogging last year, I have not met any other bloggers in real life? Well ok, except for Kenny Sia, Simon Seow, Satkuru and Andrew but then they're not exactly my niche' so that does not really counts. And if you really are my friends in real life pun does not count ya (ini untuk kau Pizli..) !

I got countless invitations to birthday party from bloggers last year but I did not go to any since there seems to be ada je halangan on the last minute! The only bloggers gathering that I went last year is the Nuffnang Friso thing. I really wish Nuffnang will held the same thing this year though since that is the only place you got to meet bloggers' parents (am too old for Nuffnang party anyway..haha and going to the free movie thing under Nuffnang is not such a good idea with Husayn Zharief in tow. ) and you can get free Friso milk too!

I also missed the Malaysian Dreamgirl's finale at The Curve (rugi sebab kalau tak dapat jumpa blogger yang cantik tapi agak kooky iaitu Hanis Zalikha!) The other day got invitation to Buih Buih Cinta preview screening by Johnson & Johnson but have to decline too since it coincide with my futsal training. Then there's the Bio-Essence Tanaka White thing and I got selected but it was also a no-show for me since I cannot even walk that time since I was down with blister during my futsal match.

And just recently, I missed the MySuperkids' gathering since I have last minute arahan to attend the Inter Agency sports BUT..
I just confirmed with Mommy Lyna that I will be attending the Sarakids thingy so I really really wish and hope I will keep to my promise and actually show up. Heheh. So I can finally break the missing missing me barrier and mingle with other bloggers!

Before you guys start calling me anti social, tunggulah saya hari Ahad ni ya! By the way I still have no idea on what to bring for the potluck.

Should I tiru Bakerella and make this cheese-chocolatey lollipop? MAKE tau bukan beli..hahah..

Or go with the pudding and tiru tukang masak Malaysia terhebat iaitu Puan Hanieliza dan membuat pudding laici?

Or go all western and since I have tried lasagna maybe I should try the baked macaroni and cheese?
Or since I just finished the super yummy Kartika Sari's brownies that my brother bought in Bandung, you think I should make one too and see if it's taste the same? Haha..
I still cannot make up my mind. Help me!

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precious innocent said...

ape kata u buat semua.. lalala...

-mama emma-

pizli_mw said...

since kau tak boleh pergi gathering orang, kau organise gathering kau sendiri and invite orang² lain.. :-)

Puding laici tu nampak sngt sedapla..

Jade said...

baked macaroni tu nmpknye amat yummy.. ~drool~

zamnzara said...

sy juga akan ke sana. buka booth kecik. look for izzy b. yeah. sy ada jual choc ball ala bakerella tu.

zh-ena said...

semuanyer nampak sedap..apa kata wat jea semua tu..terliur tgk :D

supermummy said...

hahah bila masa pulak nak buat semua tu..nak buat satu pon seksa cik oii..kehkeh

haha..tu la aku tgh bersemangat nak attend semua event yg dijemput ni..azam baru di tengah2 tahun..hahaha..nak buat event sendiri malas la..tak cukup femes..hahah

haha tu la pasalnya..tapi kalau i buat tatau la apa rasanya..haha

wah ya ke..ok2..kita jumpa di sana!

haha..alamak semua tak bolehla kalau sekali harung..kehkeh..

Zuhaini said...

sedap juga nampak kek itu! :)

precious innocent said...

haah la intan, bila u nak organiza gath sdiri ek? jgn kata u x famous ek.. masuk paper dah brp juta kali.. lalala..

-mama emma-

Hanz said...

Agree with Mama Emma, bila u nak host your own gathering?

Bawak airlah, senang! And sentasa laku ngan cuaca yang panas...

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