Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally blissed out

Sorry for the almost non-entry today. Went for factory visits to 5 companies today and just got back here around 4. And then the office car went crazy and the car had to be driven at 20km/h on DUKE highway. Haha. I also just found out that someone else got to win the RM2,000 IKEA voucher! Ala frustnya:(

Anyway I just finished one whole bottle of Nestle Bliss and I feel so full already. I love anything dadih, yogurt or yogurt drink and the likes of it though most people at my house especially my mother really hate this yogurt thing and I wonder why.

By the way did you know one of the Malaysian Dreamgirl's girl drink and eat nothing but Yogurt?
That girl is Ming from MDG2 and she actually said to me that she only eat and drinks yogurt and then nothing else! She is of course so slim with flawless skin and ballerina pose and I have thousands of reasons in the world to envy her! Honestly I hate the fact that my face go all out breakout with pimples everywhere everytime it's that time of the month. If you know any products that will help do leave me a message.

Oklah nak prepare nak balik. Babai!

5 superstars:

eynda said...

Cemana tu hidup dgn yogurt saje?? Kala la boleh tiru...isskk...

mc'eja said...

just yogurt???? x termuntah plak...but i heard yogurt is very gud for diet.

Jade said...

alamak.. makan yogurt sajek?? aiyo.. boleh ek tahan.. kalau i le, sehari sua tahan ler.. pas tu menggelupur cari nasik..LOL

supermummy said...

haha tu la..kalau i mmg tak boleh nak tiru..

ooo tu la..tapi yogurt sahaja tu yg tak larat tu..

haha..betol2..i pon akan menggelupur cari nasi jugaaa!

precious innocent said...

tu dia.. punye la nak kurus.. smp sanggup blapar mcm tu..

tp dmanakan nikmat hidup kalau xdpt mkn yg sedap2.. dah la dok kat mesia.. rugi.. rugiii

-mama emma-

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