Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday at Sarakids spelled D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for me

I did go to that Sarakids get together yesterday. But I did not even meet the owner of Sarakids.
Think I'm bluffing ya? Here's the evidence:
Anyway I was really really late. It did not help that I was the one who is driving since there was a little bit 'problem' with husband. Sarakids is located at TTDI Jaya and me being forever hopeless with maps and directions just was really lost. Me and Husayn went out of the house around 3. It is supposed to be sort of pot luck and I promised Mommy Lyna I will bring something and guess what I did finally bring?

A mouth watering, got to have it, yummier than the yummiest mummy (ok saya merepek apa ni.haha) presenting yours truly, made with the tenderest hand (my hand lah tu! hihi) - TRIFLE!
But......nobody at the gathering managed to taste or even look at this trifle. You see, I was actually lost for one hour around Shah Alam that I nearly gave up and nearly go straight to the Federal Highway to go home. If not thinking that I have to pass Mommy Lyna's and FoxyFarah's prizes for the Malaysian Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award I would have gone straight home.

I finally reached the place at 4.30 and to think the gathering started around 2 something! Met Mommy Sofia at the parking lot and really, comel sangat Sofia tu! So there I was dragging Husayn along while holding the trifle in one hand. But of course then, Husayn has to scream and cry because he has this 'thing' with mingling around with strangers. I managed to meet up with Mommy Lyna and Foxy Farah and both of them were really nice though Husayn was literally screaming in their ears. I also managed to meet a few other's mommies.

But then as the screaming started to get to unbearable I guess I just have to go. I did not even manage to drink or eat anything at the gathering *sob*sob* And worst of all, since everything has been kacau bilau with Husayn's screaming, did not even manage to take any pics with the mommies, did not even manage to take part in the ramai-ramai photo session and I also had to take the trifle back with me. Haha. Now I really feel buruk siku! I would like to apologise since I had to leave in a rush and I did not even get to open the bekas trifle. Ish.
Anyway look at the above face. He stopped crying as soon as he enter the car!
We ended up at Taman Tasik Kelana Jaya where he was grinning happily playing at the park.
Memang nak kena Husayn ni..ish!

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pizli_mw said...

kesian kau intan...

Siti Fatimah said...

Hi Intan,
Nice meeting u live dear... comei nyer Husayn sorry u my doter dok sakan ur son hehehe... sian dia br bangun tido yek!!! sesat2 akhir nya u sampai jugak kan tak sempat kita nak meramah mesra kan may be next time kita jumpa lagi ok i hope to meet u again... :D

Siti Fatimah said...

intan rugi i tak dpt mkn ur TRIFLE tue tau!!! :(

Hanz said...

Nice meeting u yesterday though suddenly you dissapear into thin air...ekekekek...jangan mare...paham sangat2 tang anak2 ni, I've gone through that kind of situation many times when I wanted to socialise & lugging my boys simultaneously...all the times I just press my luck..hopefully next time in case any other gathering, it gets better...that's why I bring my boys for outing a lot so they get used with crowds & unfamiliar faces & places

Farah said...

huwaa..buruk siku!! nape amik balik triffle tu!! hehe

anyway....seronok jugak dpt jumpe u semalam walaupon kejap je..takpe kami paham..anak dah meragam nak wat cemane..

i pon semalam tertinggal map kat nasib baik teringat direction lyna bagi dlm blog die so follow tu jela..cuak gak sbb me also driving alone..

Foxy Farah said...

now apa kata u buat the yummy trifle again n we can meet up again for tea ? i buat tea :) thanks so much for the prizes.cuma tu la tak sempat nak bergambar :)

precious innocent said...

i saw i.. tp masa u i kat dlm keta.. hehe

-mama emma-

sitisifir10 said...

Owh ingat ada kisah intan jumpa mama ini mama itu...huhu...

yatie chomeyl said...

trifle tu mmg nmpk super yummy...

supermummy said...

terima kasih..haha

siti fatimah
aah baru bgn tidur..tapi dia mmg selalu takut org jugak..haha..utk kes trifle pulak, nanti lain kali i buat lagi ya! kehkeh

hanz sorry tak sempat nak babai..i ni pon dah kelam kelibut tgk dia camtu..anyway nampaknya nak kena bykkan lagi si husayn bersocialise..kehkeh..

haa..tu la..sorry jugak sebab menghilangkan diri terus..haha..insya Allah lain kali kita jumpa lagi!

foxy farah
hahah..boleh2..u set la date ngan time..kehkeh

laa..nape tak jerit panggil..haha

ada la terjumpa mama itu dan mama ini..tapi tak sempat ambik gambar pon!

tenkiu! tenkiu!

Mommy Lyna said...

Oooh dear sesungguhnya! If i tau itu sangat menarik hati sure i suh u tinggal je hahahaha. Hmm nakwat cane Husayn ngamuk, Fahry pun nak tido time tu..

Pape pun sgt thank u dlm keadaan camtu sanggup kaming nak anta adiah.. Uh ku terharuuu...

Nanti kita meet up kat tempat yg Husayn suka, mesti dia tak marah. Huhuhu.

sarakids said...

sgt tak aci sbb i x dpt jumpa mummy husayn.. anyway dear.. thankssssssss a lot for everything!!!! muahss from sarakids family =)

i am a mummy said...

i knew it!i saw u that day but didnt hav a chance to say hello. u looked very familiar to me but i just cant remember who u r. i pk mcm supermummy,tapi takut salah, but now i know that i was right!hehe...kalau tak dah boleh say hello.

supermummy said...

mommy lyna
haha..husayn mmg perangai camtu..sorry sesangat ya!

eh i saw u tau..tapi tak sempat nak tegur sebab ada budak kecik sudah menjerit2..kehkeh

i am a mummy
takpe lain kali kita jumpa yaaa..

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