Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle I am not

I am so very tired because I have been standing for one and a half hour for the monthly assembly. I really wish I can take a break and have a holiday or something. Staying at home and sleeping 'til noon would be extra nice!

Back in my uni days, I am not exactly what you call a morning person. Nights will usually spend chit chatting my life away, hanging out with friends, going out for late night snack or if it's the time when assignment is due, we usually have last minute editing, designing, spray mounting everything until our room became all sticky. I usually slept after Subuh and woke up around noon and really, missing morning class is normal that I really feel like kicking my gut now because right now I am paying the Telekom loan for all my classes, which include all my missed classes. So, don't miss your class people, especially if you are paying your own loan. Heheh.

Bersama rakan-rakan mengumpat semasa masih belum melalui proses evolving. Hehe.

But somehow I have evolved and currently you won't find me waking up later than 9. I don't sleep after my Subuh prayer and well I did try sometimes, but it's not working and I wonder why. So after years of being a non-morning person I suddenly become a morning person but unfortunately the evolving process only involve me and not my husband. Haha. I don't have any idea how on earth he managed to wake up at noon and then he had his lunch and he can continue sleeping.

Oh yes, I also rarely sleep in my current office. I think I've slept once or twice but I think it is still quite an achievement since in my previous office I will happily sleep everyday. Haha.

As for Husayn, at home he won't sleep unless I put him in the buai or hisap nenen of course. But at the babysitter's he will lie on the mattress and finish his milk and then he will end up sleeping. So easy, I don't know how my babysitter did it! My babysitter just informed me the other day that Husayn has managed to consume 7 bottles of milk @ 7oz each the whole day he was at the babysitter's. Banyak tak tu? Haha..Nasib baik susu cap Dutch Lady je.
Selain minum susu, suka juga makan biskut berkoyan koyan..haha

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nURmALa mAZLan said...

kat tem[at babysitter tu boring kot kak.. tu husayn x tau nak buat apa kat sana.. so, tido lagi baik..ehehehe`

Farah said...

boolatnye mata husayn!

saye pon gigih gak ni bekerja ngan tm sbb nk elak bayar loan terus convert tuko skolar hahahaha...9 thn tu kena ikat!!

supermummy said...

haha..tahla tatau boring ke tak..tapi dia yg paling bising..nasib baik babysitter tu sedara. kalau hantar nursery lain mesti dah kena rejek sbb dia asyik serang budak lain kat babysitter..haha

hahha..mmg tu la yg org selalu komen kalau first time jumpa husayn..tatau la mana dia dapat genetik mata bulat sgt ni..haha

Liza said...

I think once we enter motherhood, our sleeping pattern will evolve, tapi kalau fatherhood tu, maleh nak criter ler

l i e y n said...

7 bottles of 7 0z....tu dah overdrink!
gemuk le husayn tak lama lagi...

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