Monday, June 1, 2009

Pooping after eating telur pindang is not my idea of a fine Sunday morning

Sunday morning, Husayn woke up at 4.a.m. 4.a.m, my goodness!

He was screaming at me - "Mama bangunlah..pegilah buat air! Jomlah turun!" while I of course was mumbling to myself "ala tidurlah..mama ngantuk ni". But of course once he made up his mind there's no turning back.

Look what he did while we were downstairs. .

Eating telur pindang at the stairs. Earlier we went to my father's best friend wedding. So we like, have loads of telur pindang in da' house (dah jadi hip hop mode pulak..haha).I can't never eat the plain telur or telur pindang like Husayn did. And especially not at 4 in the morning.

Well, of course if he feel too full (well, I'm guessing here) or if he is being playful or if he is feeling like testing for my patience, he will simply throw the telur pindang away, which he actually did after this pic was taken.

After that he 'attacked' the refrigerator and found this Milo. If I eat and drink like him in the above I will surely get a diahrrea one hour later. Haha. But Husayn did not get diahrrea. He just pooped. I was in front of the pc at 6 something in the morning when he suddenly said..
Husayn : "Mama..adik beraklah"
Me :"Betul ke ni?"
Husayn :"Betulll...adik berak.."

So I cleaned everything up and even bathed him. And at 7 something in the morning he was peacefully sleeping in the hammock, I mean the buai lah..I simply write hammock but don't even know whether it's the right term or not. Haha.
Yes, that is the view inside the hammock. He insisted on sleeping with that sheep (which I actually found out later that it was really a cow!) and we called that thing Shaun, you know as in Shaun the Sheep. If you have not watched Shaun the Sheep, do watch it at Cartoon Network I think. But really them sheep are the funniest sheep I've ever seen! And ironically, Husayn also called that sheep/cow Shaun!

Anyway I am damn sleepy today since last night I played four games of futsal and went back home at nearly 12 midnight. And this morning I woke up at 7.30. Ngantuknyaaaa! And I think this futsal thing is getting very addictive too!

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lynahafiz said...


cepat check my website for the official New Moon trailer revealed @ the MTV movie awards 2009 tadi!

Farah said...

husayn..boleh geng ngan auntie laa..boleh mkn telur biasa/pindang begitu saje...hihi...

Zuhaini said...

wah.. awal pagi tu! :)

supermummy said...

lynaa...i watched the whole award kat office streaming tv, thanks to info from twitter! kehkeh..tak sabar tgk scene edward tinggalkan bella!

wah ye ke? hebatnya..i kalau nak makan telur kena ada dgn nasi ke..baru boleh telan..kehkeh

haha tu la pasal..adoi..letih letih

nURmALa mAZLan said... nyer..akak men futsal eh?? ada coach ajar ke akak?? ke akak dah terer

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