Friday, June 19, 2009

Please let me win the RM2,000 IKEA vouchers for the Go Clean Your Room Contest and I promise I will always keep my room clean at all times!

I deserve to win IKEA vouchers worth RM2,000 to makeover my room because ..husband, son and I've been living with my parents for 3 years, in the same room that I grow up, with doorless cupboard which is nearly as old as me, so help us IKEA, we really deserve to be 'cleaned'!

Yes, the above pic is really my room. And that was my entry for the IKEA Go Clean Your Room Contest. That contest ended on 17 June 2009 and me being fashionably late as always sent the entry at 11.30pm, which is like half an hour before the contest ended. I'm not expecting much, but still if selected to be the top 5 winner you got to win IKEA voucher worth RM2,000! And it would be super nice to replace the aging cupboard which is bursting with me and my Husband's clothes. Haha. In fact to tell you the truth, it's not actually bursting with clothes, in fact some of my clothes have to be placed somewhere out of the cupboard due to limited space.

You can view my entry for the above contest here and in here you can find gallery of the messiest rooms in Malaysia! You really don't get to see this kind of thing often..haha.

On another note, Mommy Lyna has invited me to attend the Sarakids Open Day on June 28 @ Shah Alam. By the way, she has also invited all of you to attend the event too! So if you are interested to attend do check out Mommy Lyna's blog or Sarakids blog for more details.
Am I coming? Most probably yes, but hopefully there will not be any last minute rush to somewhere else because that's what usually happen when I am supposed to attend bloggers event and I wonder why.


And lastly, there is a contest running in HOTfm now which the Top 3 prizes is a holiday with HOTfm DJ. All the audience need to send is a travel video (30sec - 1min) and a slogan on why they should be chosen to go on a holiday with their favourite HOTfm announcer.
The contest is from 15th June - 12th July 2009.

The contest URL is :
The 15sec TVC is :

Good luck!

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Farah said...

huwaaa..sudah tutupla contest ikea tu...baru ingat nak join jugak...menarik gile wei adiah die..gud lak!!!!

nURmALa mAZLan said...

good luck akak!!!

precious innocent said...

huh, ingatkan leh vote utk u... huhu... gud luck ya..

pasal sarakids gath tu, u jgn la ingat tu 'gath'.. u sematla dlm hati yg u nak jumpe kkwn.. lalala...

-mama emma-

Zuhaini said...

good luck ya!

kesian wardrobe tu. haha :)

supermummy said...

aah dah tutup..kita join pon setengah jam sbelom tarikh tutup! kehkeh

haha..terima kasih..tapi takdela harap sgt pon..kehkeh

hahaha..nak vote apa..dah lambat sgt masuknya..kehkeh..haa sarakids tu insya Allah i akan memunculkan diri yg sentiasa tak muncul ni..hahah

hahaha..sedihkan keadaannya..tu tak tgk keadaan katil lagi..hahah

l i e y n said...

sorry...but i think that u deserve to win!

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