Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The no photos entry. I guess I am just too lazy.

I went to sleep at 9 something last night and still the body still aches and I think i need my sister super power massage. It has been a crazy and tiring week and to think it's only Tuesday! On Saturday we went to a wedding at Klang with the whole family. Husayn kept screaming he wanted to ride his atuk's car (my father-lah) so I of course granted his wishes.

I also had a 'fight' with my husband after that since we were supposed to attend his cousin's wedding on Sunday, but I kept insisting I just HAVE to play futsal match on Sunday afternoon. The problem is the wedding is in Port Dickson and we finally strike a truce when he agreed to go to the wedding early and by 2.30pm we made our way back from port Dickson since I was supposed to play at 4pm.

At 4.30pm we arrived at Jalan Kuching to play futsal and there were only 5 of us. We are supposed to have this 5-side matches but by the time the first half is finished, it was raining heavily. So they postponed the matches to 8pm. We went back home first as I ironed my Monday work clothes, and then at 8pm we went to Segambut to continue the match. Thank goodness we are playing indoor this time! Husayn of course was there to watch me play but ended up sleeping halfway.

We arrived home at nearly 12am after that, and I took a warm bath. Then it's on to the prizes for the Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award. I finished preparing all the prizes, so to all winners, expect your prize to hit your home/office soon! There's 3 exception though..I will probably attend Mommy Lyna's potluck on the 14th so I will pass her the prize during that event. Babah-Mummy, please give me your address for prize arrangement, ya! And to Foxy Farah, I will probably drop by your house since I have trouble wrapping the prize. Anything I'll just buzz you..

Well, I guess that's all my mundane update for today. I still have loads of things to finish with piling workload, extra work for office's club, some factory visits, and another 5 hours of futsal training. If you are wondering why on earth I suddenly start to play futsal, we are supposed to have our inter agency games this month and if I am selected I will be playing on the 13th!

ps: forgot to tell you that the Tini's Spa voucher is an express facial voucher worth RM48 and not RM88 like I mentioned before. Sorry for the inaccurate info ya!

4 superstars:

precious innocent said...

wah, bsemangat waja main futsal ye... huhu...

-mama emma-

nURmALa mAZLan said...

oo...ada tournament futsal rupanyer..
patut lah gigih berlatih selalu

Hanz said...

Baguslah you, macam2 buat! Banyak energy!

supermummy said...

di samping kasi fit sikit..dah lemau sgt ni..

aah..ada coach lagi ni..kehkeh

haha..tu la memaksa diri ni..

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