Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 songs that you can play if you want to torture me

I totally loveee listening to Lady Gaga's while driving, whether it's Just Dance, Pokerface and her latest- Paparazzi! Ok so she has some weird fashion sense but her songs are the kind that make you go all gung-ho in the morning and bobbing your head while driving. Even Husayn danced to Lady Gaga's on the radio while shouting "Po-po-po-po" for Pokerface!

Anyway I am going to list the top 5 songs that I really cannot stand. Which means everytime it's on I'll either change the radio channel or off the radio. I know songs are subjective, so some of you might like these below songs, and you might say "apahal dia ni tak suka lagu ni" but then I guess each to his or her opinions.

1. Aku Tak Percaya Cinta - Liyana Jasmay
This girl should just stick to acting. I have been hearing this song everywhere lately and I usually feel like smacking the radio everytime I hear this song. "Tak tiru Avril Lavigne.." she said, but my Husband will usually retort back " dah sebiji macam Avril Lavigne kata tak tiru pulak.." Coincidence or she just did not want to admit? Whatever it is, if you feel like torturing me, you can strap me to a chair and make me listen to this song over and over again.

Liyana Jasmay memang cute, tapi di harap teruskan berlakon. Kehkeh

2. Ning Baizura - Mimpi
I think it's the Malay version of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams are made of this...who am I to disagree.." and HotFM/ ERA have been playing this song a couple of times. But I really wish she made some other song. I've no idea why her singing this song made me cringe but really, if you want to hear a cool cover version of Sweet Dreams, do listen to Marilyn Manson's version. Totally super cool. And scary, well scary if you see his face-lah. Haha.
Ok, takut kan tengok gambar Marilyn Manson ni? hihihi

3.Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang - Imran Ajmain
I am so sorry I have to hate this song since I know a few people who love this song and I wonder why. Please don't sing me this song even though it's our anniversary (this is to Husband) or it's my birthday. But if you do sing, I'll try to be polite and smile as sickly sweet as possible. Haha.

4. Akon - Beautiful
Akon to me is the definitive miang black guy. Kehkeh. Currently though I will switch the channel if I hear "you're so damn beautiful" since that is the song that radio channel will play over and over. You have to read this post by AkuBimbo about Akon though. Eh tapi tau tak my grandmother's handphone ring tone is I wanna make love Akon? Haha. Lawak betul..

5. Any songs by Jonas Brothers
I cannot hear the brothers nasal-ear-tearing voice. I am sorry for being so rude here but please, please not this kids. I used to love Hanson's Mmmbop back in secondary school and I think they sound waaay okay than Jonas brothers and Hansons are a bunch of brothers too. My 13 year old cousin like Jonas Brothers so much that his Friendsters are so full with the pics of the brothers. But he's only 13 so I of course thought that was amusing. hehe.
Nah gambar ada autograph Jonas Brothers.

I guess that's all..I know there's a few more but I cannot recall. Do you have any songs that will make you cringe or wish the singer will just shut up?

8 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

erm.. entah la.. biasanya some songs yang sangat slow, meleweh-leweh.. jiwang karat one.. lagu melayu at hot fm or era yang i can't tolerate.. tak tau kenapa.. some la.. itu pun saya tak tau tajuknya apa.. haha :)

MN said...

lady gaga's whole album memang best!
currently i suka lagu Paper!

nURmALa mAZLan said...

serious cakap..kita dah lama x dengar radio..sian sian

precious innocent said...

kat ofis, i dgr mix.. kalau dlm keta, sinar or mix.. so x penah lg dgr lagu liyana tu..

nak kene goggle nie..

-mama emma-

Farah said...

hahaha..saya tak pernah lagi denga lagu liyana tu...erk leh nyanyi ke die tu??

Jade said...

lagu liyana mmg SUCKS.. rasa nk muntah.. first2 dengar je dh nyampah.. alamak.. emo pulak :P

supermummy said...

oo tak layan jiwang karat ke? kehkeh..kita suka rock kapak! besttt

oo ya ke? alamak camni kena download the whole album lah..kehkeh

ya ke? kehkeh..kita dgr pon sbb driving..kalau tak tak dela..tapi dulu2 di zaman remaja kalau tidur tak dgr radio mmg tak sah..

ha camtu silalah dgr radio era atau hotfm..kehkeh..

bole nyanyi ke tak ye? hmm..susah nak cakap..haha

hahah..haa kannn..iskk..baik dia belakon zati dan mawas tu je la..kehkeh

zh-ena said...

yup sokong la..liyana tu mcm tiru avril jea..mcm ngada2 pun ada gak

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