Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 things I hate about you, me and life in general

1. I hate people who cannot keep to their promises (well unless with good reasons-lah..i'm not that kejam)

2. I hate superiors who cannot even make the simplest decisions

3. I also hate superiors who make stupid decisions

4. I hate drivers who don't use their signal, well at least please use signal when you are right in front of other people's car.

5. I hate going to to the mall when I am broke

6. I also hate the fact that when I am broke, the clothing and shoes section at the mall seems much more nicer compared when I have the money to buy and everything will look dreadfully ugly fugly

7. I really, really hate my ultra big thighs. Did you know it took me ages to find the perfect pants to fit my thighs? Husband has some issue seeing me in tight fitting pants and honestly I also don't want to look like a sarung nangka or something. Kehkeh.

8. I hate people talking behind my back. Kalau berani cakap depan depan la wey!

9. I also hate the smell of durian and I no longer eat one. When I was 11, I was down with fever after a 12 hour journey from kota Bharu to Batu Pahat in a van with durian inside. It was really horrible and it made me swear off durian forever!

10. I also hate when I don't have any idea what to write on this blog and I feel my mind going all blocked and the feeling that you guys will go apa benda yang dia nak tulis ni but honestly I am really trying here! Haha.

Oklah, been talking too much crap lately, off to go search some ideas. Hihi. Tata.

7 superstars:

nasazfrog... said...

semua saya sokong kak,,, yang no 4 tuh saya sokong sgt.. kengkadang nak masuk simpang pueh la den tunggu,, ekau nak terus ke nak belok ke last2 dia selamba masuk simpang tanpa beri signal,, haaa kena maki,,, harap keto yo bosa tapi otak kocik,,, ada butul ka kak... :)

Arin said...

perghh..takleh imagine dok 11 hours ngn van penuh with durians..perghh...

pizli_mw said...

4. I hate drivers who don't use their signal, well at least please use signal when you are right in front of other people's car.

Ni memang aku bengang.. Benda simple pun tak boleh buat..

Mama Mia said...

OMG! 12hrs in a van full of durian...

zh-ena said...

yummmy durian mmg sedap :D
mmg menyampah n ena akan bebel sorang2 dlm keta klu org depan tak bg signal..kang terlanggar bontot keta ko baru tau..saper yg salah..aku gak :p

Liyana said...

ek...kat mana jumpa seluar yg sesuai tu??sejak semakin sihat ni,semakin susah cari sluar...the one that fits my thigh and butt will usually leaves my pinggang tension la

supermummy said...

hahaha betol betol! lawak lawak..

haha..jgnla imagine..nnt demam jugak..

haha betol. takde faedah ada pasang signal tapi tak guna..isk

mama mia
ya mmg omg..trauma ni..hahah

betol..nak kena jaga bontot kete orang..tapi org tu sendiri pon buat tak kisah kat bontot kete dia je..eii

haha..aku beli kat jusco je la..aku agak malas nak survey2 tempat lain..kehkeh..haha pinggang ternganga kau pakai la belt je..

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