Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Body and face pampering is super lovely!

Yesterday was quite eventful. In the morning met the lovely Jacqie to pick up all the bags (the gin & Jacqie's of course!) for the Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award. And then went to Section 7, Shah Alam to Tini's Spa to pick up the vouchers. I know I have said before that the voucher was for milk bath, but they ran out of that one and I got 10 express facial vouchers instead. So that should be totally refreshing and good!
It was my first time driving to Shah Alam and I've got to thank Google for the best map ever, well at least I managed the right exit though after that I wasted some precious time driving around the housing area in Section 7. Tini did inform me that her spa is near My Mom's Chicken Rice. I saw My Mom's Chicken Rice but I just parked along the block anyway, and guess what I was parked right in front of Tini's Spa - I just did not realise it because the spa was on the top floor!

Tini's Spa is using Dermalogica products, and besides facial they also have slimming programme or if you are up to body pampering yourself, there's the Heavenly Body Pamper package. I managed to get my hands on their brochures with all the price list but somehow I left it at home today. I had my first skin refreshing facial after years without a facial (the last one was in 2004 or 2005 I think..haha) at Tini's Spa yesterday and also my very first Body Massage! The body massage is priced at RM68 and it was really good.

After finishing with everything, I also managed to catch up with Tini, the owner of Tini's Spa. She is actually a mother of 3 and I really envy her because she's doing what she love best. She was thinking of opening another branch and I of course suggested to her the Damansara/ TTDI area since yours truly live there. Hehe. If you are interested in having a treatment of pamper yourself at Tini's Spa do visit their website for more info.

By the way after all those massage at Tini's Spa, I went to play futsal yesterday and now ended up with another case of aches all over my body! Urgh!

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precious innocent said...

la... tini's spa nie dekat kedai linda onn ke? penah la jugak 2 3 kali lalu area situ, tp x perasan...

nnt nak try lah.. huhu

-mama emma-

nURmALa mAZLan said...

tini spa ampang tu dekat ngan umah mak kita

zh-ena said...

mmg relax jea kan bila kita manjakan diri kita sendiri..heheheeh baru jea buat bln lepas :D

|b|a|b|a|h|-|m|u|m|m|y| said...

well, sgt malu utk bgtau..
i tak pernah manjakan diri kat spa!!
dulu penah gak my mak bising2 suro g spa masa kat2 kawen dulu.. tah la, kenapa tah rasa cam malas. my sis pun offer nak bg free yang rm2k+ spa package kat i, tapi kenapa i tolak ek??
sgt best ke spa tu??
apa yang best nyer??

teringin, tapi cam tak reti..
sgt 'kampung' kan??

supermummy said...

aah satu row.tapi tinis spa ni kat tingkat atas..

oh ya ke..tu la kita tak pandai sgt jalan nak gi ampang tu yg pilih buat kat shah alam je..kehkeh

oo ya ke..buat kat mana tu

aa? tolak spa yg 2k+ tu? kalau u tak nak pass kat i pon boleh..kehkeh..isk rugi rugi...

|b|a|b|a|h|-|m|u|m|m|y| said...

rugi ek??
sgt best ker??

semua org ckp best, tapi kenapa i lum ada rasa nak pegi ek??

pelik la plak rasa..
btw, takde ke spa for baby ek?
kalo ada mesti best..

supermummy said...

babah mummy
spa for baby tak tau..tapi yg confirm ada spa for kids kat area solaris mont kiara ni..hebat betul budak2 sekarang kecik2 dah nak pegi spa..heheh

|b|a|b|a|h|-|m|u|m|m|y| said...

ehm, menarik ek..
untung btul budak2 skrg..
mak pak jugak rugi.. yerla, mak pak yg kuar duit..

precious innocent said...

nak nyampuk...

babah mummy, patutnya u buat contest utk sapa yg nak p spa tu.. i bet ramai giler yg nak join contest, sbb nak menang spa treatment.. 2k tu...

-mama emma-

jessiebyrd004 said...

I love being pampered. Love love love it.

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