Monday, May 18, 2009

Why I cannot remember most of my teachers' names?

Saturday was Teachers' Day. I do miss school days and here are a few teachers of mine. Some worth to be missed and some should be best forgotten. Haha.

Cikgu A. Gnanam
Honestly I'm not really sure how to spell this Standard 1 class teacher of mine name. I know I used to really hate her because she was this garang lady who simply scold people with no reason. And she accused me of stealing the class's story book once. Ok now that I remember it I think I will still hate her now. Don't you think it was totally humiliating for me when she accused me of stealing that story books in front of the whole class. I hope she has a miserable life now. Haha. By the way just to set the records straight, I did not steal that story books.

Cikgu Nik Faridah
She's my class teacher when I was standard 6 in Kota Bharu and she's the lady in the yellow tudung above. Was this loud lady who also love to membebel but underneath that gung-ho exterior she really has a nice heart. One of my favourite of all time! By the way if you are wondering, I was the one right in front of Cikgu Nik Faridah in the above pic.

Mr Phang
How can I forget Mr Phang? He was my Math teachers when I was in Standard 5 and 6 and the most garang of 'em all! He used to throw away my classmates' books and said loudly "Bodoh macam taik!" Haha. It was really scary. Too bad I don't have his photos.

Ustaz ....

I'm so guilty of forgetting this Ustaz of mine name! He was my ustaz in SMKDJ and was the only teacher who called me Cantona in class. Yes, Cantona as in Eric Cantona. Haha.

Add Math teacher
I forgot her name too but I remember every time she came into the class, our class was so dirty we have to clean our class first. She was a really good Add Math teacher but I was one lousy Add Math student. I once got only 4% yes that was 4 out of 100 for Add Math and I still thought it was hillarious. Haha. I thought I was going to fail my Add Math paper during SPM but somehow I breezed through and I ended up hugging her while screaming "Teacher, I passed my Add Math!" on results day.

Puan Ruminahtan
She of course is my mother! Well, she's no longer a teacher these days but she actually taught me History for two months back when I was schooling in Kota Bharu! It was nice having your mother as your History teacher since she will help me finish my homework and sometimes she was the one ended up doing the homework. Kehkeh.

I don't know if university's lecturer can qualify for this Teacher's Day thing but university was really one heck of an experience. From Mr K who will smoke while you give your final year presentation and then will comment your work until you cry, Miss Dot who was so damn annoying that we used to back bitched her a lot and once she also cried in front of the class, to Mr Kenneth who is kacak dan bergaya and my inspiration to come to class, and so many of them that I can remembers the faces but somehow has forgotten the names I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making life so brilliant that sometimes you wish you could go back and repeat everything all over again. Happy Teachers' Day and I will not be where I am today if not for these individuals.

ps: thank you to all who have voted for the supermummy amazing blogger award. i promise i will do my bit as soon as possible and choose the final winner and hopefully will announce it this week.

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♥♥♥♥♥ Jennifer™® ♥♥♥♥♥ said...

your blog is very good

|b|a|b|a|h|-|m|u|m|m|y| said...

i langsung tak igt nama2 cikgu..
5-6org jer igt..
giler anak murid derhaka nih..

cikgu, ampun!!!

l i e y n said...

me too.....sign of aging!!!

atty's said...

ade jugak ingat satu nama..kty langsung tak hengat dah

nURmALa mAZLan said...

saya lagi la x ingat kak..anak murid derhaka betul..ehehehe

precious innocent said...

sbb ape tau kita x ingat nama cikgu2 nie? sbb kita x rapat dgn depa..

mak i cite, time dia dulu, kalau raya je.. selalu p ziarah cikgu2 nie.. & eventually depa rapat..huhu..

i lg teruk.. x ingat nama cikgu kelas masa form5.. + i was d class rep.. giler teruk!!!

-mama emma-

Liyana said...

aku of course still remember ur mom...cikgu form 5 tuh...and aku pun tak ingat nama ustaz tu jugak,hehehe...ada lg sorang,cikgu add math aku kt SMDJ yg budak2 kelas aku g kunci dalam kelas,hahahaa...oh the gud times

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