Monday, May 11, 2009

The top commenter winner and some Mother's Day findings

The winner of the top commenter is Zanna Mama Batrice! Congratulations and no worry your gin & Jacqie will find a way to you soon!

So what did you get for your mother on Mother's Day? I went to Giant Mall Kelana Jaya yesterday and found a few presents that are under RM30. So you have no reasons not to buy (though I am guilty for not buying too!)

This lovely trinket box is found at Lovely Lace for RM18

The flowers above, also at Lovely Lace is going for RM14++

Oh love this one! Hang your jewellery on this gorgeous bods- only RM25 at Hinode shop.

Put your favourite photo of you and your mom in this lovely frame, only at RM20++ in Memory Lane

And lastly if you really have no idea to buy, go get her this lovely card - only at Rm16.80! By the way this card is a giant card, hence the price.

We actually sent my car to the car wash at Giant Mall Kelana Jaya yesterday so that will explain why I have so much free time that I go around Giant taking pics. Haha. And the heat is getting so unbearable too that I ended up mengidam for ABC and cendol. I dream of my favourite cendol at Taiping! Nyam nyam. Anyway managed to down some ABC at Giant Mall yesterday..
Yay the ABC is here!

When gluttony take over..I aim for the biggest scoop!

While Husayn only drink warm barley

The ABC is quite a disappointment, like Husband said - semua pun kurang! But then dah dapat ABC pun, so no complaints there but then if anybody know where is the best ABC in KL do share since Husband kept bragging about the ABC near Bomba in Taiping.

I'm on leave today but got to run so many errands. Catch with ya later!

12 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

well, congratts to mama zana.. (nice ones from the Memory lane!)

yatie chomeyl said...

cedapnya ABC...terliur nyer...huhu

precious innocent said...

oh, zahra menang ya? well ok, congrate..

-mama emma-

DYLA said...

ABC sedap sy makan kat syeksen 2, s.alam.. tedapppp tau...

Jade said...

well, congrat to zana too

Ummi Hanie said...

wow beshnyer hadiah ... terliur daku..ahaksss (mcm laa brg makanan !)

congratz to Sis Zana ...

to Intan , plz edit my link ok ;

thanks very much but sorry 4 bothering u

nURmALa mAZLan said...

congratts to mama zana

l i e y n said...

mmg tak terkejar nak lawan!!

MaSLiNa a.k.a. GG said...

Selamat hari ibu, SuperMummy..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ye ye ye
me menang me menang
tak sia2 mlm tadi bertungkus lumus nak challenge ngan mama emma......
ha ha ha
btw...thanks intan
adakan contest cam nie...dpt gark merasa hadiah hu hu

cun2 kan brg kat lovely lace tu..
x semestinya mahal...yg penting kita ikhlas bg pada ibu2 kita....

ReX said... check it out.. spread it to ur family and frens

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

oppp lupa plak
as i know ler intan kan..
abc kat sec 2 shah alam yg paling sedap pernah i rasa....itupun 7 tahun yg lalu...he he he..
lagi2 yg tambah ice cream coklat kat atas....sheddapppppnyer...

cuaca mmg panas kan now

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