Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shirtless Robert Pattinson to help lighten up your day - well at least mine did! Haha.

The scene is my favourite in New Moon.

It was the first time Bella saw Edward after months of separation.

New Moon page 451 para 3
"Edward stood, motionless as a statue, just a few feet from the mouth of the alley.."

New Moon page 451 para 4
"I'd never seen anything more beautiful - even as I ran gasping and screaming. I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing. And his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter if he did not want me. I would never want anything but him, no matter how long I lived."

New Moon page 451 para 7
.."I slammed into him so hard that the force would have hurled me to the ground if his arms hadn't caught me and held me up. It knocked my breath out of me and snapped my head back."
Sorry to interrupt ya but head over to Popsugar for the best ever New Moon pic! Can't wait for New Moon - another 6 months to go yay! By the way if you are a Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or a Twilight fan, don't forget to watch MTV Movie Awards this weekend where they will show the preview for the up and rising New Moon and of course there's appearances from the Robsten, and oh yes the duo are also running for the Best Kiss award!

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precious innocent said...

awat i still xleh namoak kehenseman ponti nie ek?? apekah sbb i still x tgk movienye??? apekah, ketinggalankah i??


-mama emma-

zh-ena said...

wah encemnyer..body pun tergoda ena tgk hehehehe

Zuhaini said...

haha.. robsten..? hihi.. cute nama depa di combine gitu..

wah.. bestnya new moon! :)

tapi awat seluar dia mcm nak terlondeh je eh..? ke fesyen..? hihi :)

oh.. hensemnya edward cullen!

lynahafiz said...

OMG! jantung i pun dup,dap,dup,dap laju tengok gambar ni!

die lor like this!!! LOL

cuba u tengok gambar2 u ni, together with the paragraphs from the book, and with Robpattz lagu Never Think as the background music.

harus la rase syahdu n nak nangis! at last bella saved edward!

i also cant wait for New Moon :)

supermummy said...

precious innocent
dia bukan sebab dia ni hensem ke apa..sbb suamiku pon hensem juga (hahaha..ok perasan.) tapi sebab edward ni (edward ya..bukan robert pattinson) adalah seorang yang sangat caring dan sayangkan bella ni sangat2 dan juga kaya sangat2 pon ya jugak..haha..

eh bahaya ni sudah tergoda..haha

haha..gossip columnist suka combine jadi robsten sbb byk sangat gossip kata dia orang ni off screen couple jugak..haha..tapi tataulah betol ke tak

haha..tu la pasal..ha never think yang dia nyanyi kan..tapi i suka sangat playlist stephanie meyer utk filem new moon ni..tapi tatau la lagu apa yg masuk soundtrack nanti..kehkeh

l i e y n said...

even he is pale like hell but yes! it really lightened up my day!!!

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