Thursday, May 28, 2009

I still cannot figure out why men lie, but do I really want to?

I spent this morning watching the Champions' League final and wondering what the heck in the world Manchester United is doing playing like that, but then I thought it was a fair game and Pep Guardiola's (the best looking and one of the youngest football manager around! haha) team really deserved to win. After all it's better to lose in 90 minutes than the dreaded penalty.

Pep Guardiola does look a whole lots better than Sir Alex Ferguson in the looks department, aye?

Pep Guardiola aside, have you had your husband lie to you? Haha..mine did so many times that I think I run out of count. He will lie to the simplest of question like "Dah makan dah ke?" when he answered no, and actually he already had eaten. Another favourite question of mine is "balik pukul berapa hari ni" and he will answered "pukul 11 baliklah.." when actually he will arrive home at 3. Or when I asked him today "dah masukkan duit kereta tak" and he will replied yes when in reality he still has not done that yet.

Actually I am so tired of trying to figure out the truth and I am running out of patience sometimes . I mean what's wrong in telling the truth. It's not like I will run bawling and screaming (ok so maybe I did a few times..hahah), I mean I used to have friends calling me "intan lalat (my uni friends call me this..haha) adalah orang yang sangat sabar" but when you have been lied to more than the total of H1N1 cases around the world (tak pasal2 kaitkan dgn H1N1 pulak..:) you have the right to be pissed!

Mohammed Alfisyar, jangan are guilty of lying to your wife!

I once asked my husband "apsal aa awak suka nak tipu2 saya? benda simple2 pon nak tipu.." Guess what he answered, "ala malas nak cakap yang betul..nanti awak tu asyik nak marah" So I guess this article in Associated Content is true after all -

"Despite their (men's) love of fighting and war, they will lie to avoid conflict. Many men love nothing better than to play war-like video games, to watch or participate in sports, where violence and competition rule; they love the idea of going to war, especially when young.. Down at the level where they live, though, men hate conflict. One reason may be that most of them face enough stress and competition at work that when they get home, all they want to do is relax, eat, watch a little TV or play with the kids, go to bed, have sex and segue into sleep before the next breath is drawn. Wise women will bring up the broken oven, the next telephone bill and other unpleasant news in the morning, when the man is fresh and rested."

Ok, so I guess I'll try to be wise women the next time. Haha. On second thought wth wise women? Men is at fault here and still they blame it on woman.

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precious innocent said...

ingatkan nak jadi silent reader je, tp xleh la intan...

so abaikan kepoyoan i ye... :P..

mcm hubi i, dia x ckp tipu.. tp ckp kerek... time kita serius, dia main2.. time dia serius, kita lak memain.. camno tu...

1 lg, hubi i sukeeeeeeee sgt nyakat i...

ps...hubi u tu dukung sapa? husayn ke??? awat lain sgt???

-mama emma-

pizli_mw said...

dia taknak conflict intan.. tengah penat² lepas tu nak kena bergaduh pulak.. nnt lagi penat hahaha...

Farah said...

i think the statement of wise women bringing all the unpleasent news in the morning tu a bit wrong la..

my hubby tak suke denga bende2 pasal bil2 atau masalah awal2 pagi especially lepas bgn tido...nnt terus die takde mood..kalau nak bgtau pon lepas die dah siap breakfast semua maybe ok..

Jade said...

sabar saje la intan.. man will always be man rite?

nk jadi wise women pn sometimes kena berpada2.. as u said, takkan depa punye salah tp kita still nk consider/mengalah..

tapi sgt tensi sbnrnya sbb perempuan slalu kena mengalah n lelaki akhirnya yg naik lemak..

tetiba aku ter"emo".. akakak

supermummy said...

haha..takyah la jadi silent reader..hahah..mengada..ha husayn la tu tapi masa tu dia kecik lagi..

susah wey dia tak paham2..argh! aku rasa cakap ngan husayn lagi senang..haha

ooo ya ke..tu depends kat mood orang kot..setengah org suka macam ni..setengah org suka macam tu..

betol..asyik nak kita je mengalah..sungguh tidak memahami kan..kehkeh

nurie said...

kesian kat intan...sabar ye

Liyana said...

sama dengan je la dgn laki aku intan bab makan dia mesti jwb btul pasal nk mkn...hahaha...

men will always be men
can't live with them, can't live without them


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