Saturday, May 16, 2009

gin & Jacqie Breast Cancer Awareness Bag Print Design Contest 2009

Gin & Jacqie is currently having a gin & Jacqie Breast Cancer Awareness Bag Print Design Contest 2009 at Emmagem where you are required to design your own bag while at the same time supporting the breast cancer awareness, and also at the same time win fabulous prizes! Best of all, if your design are chosen, your design will be printed on Gin & Jacqie's bag and they will sell that bag online! Cool or wot?

All you need is to be 5 year old and above (oh shoot, Husayn is short of 3 years! ) and some creativity of course. So what are you waiting for? Get that creative juice flowing and submit your artwork before 30 June 2009. Of course for more details, do visit Emmagem.

If you are wondering what is the prize, here it is:

1st Prize:

WINNING DESIGN WILL BE PRINTED ON GIN & JACQIE TOTE CANVAS BAGS! (which will be sold across Malaysia and everyone will be carrying your design around!)

  • RM1,000 Estee Lauder products
  • RM500 Cziplee Artmakr product
  • RM500 gin & Jacqie voucher

2nd Prize:

  • RM500 Bobbi Brown products
  • RM300 Cziplee Artmakr product

3rd Prize:

  • RM500 Clinique products
  • RM200 Cziplee Artmakr product

25 Consolation prizes:

  • 2 TGV movie tickets

50 x Early Bird Gift

  • 50 pieces of LIMITED EDITION Inner Secrets camisole just for this contest!
Good luck!

6 superstars:

zh-ena said...

tertarik nak try nie :D

Nurhayati said...

alahai Zara blom 5 thn lagi, wakil mak dia bole tak..hihihhi

supermummy said...

try try jgn tak try..

wakil maknya lagilah bole..sebab dia minimum kena 5yrs old..maksimum tak kisah..umur 100 tahun pon boleh..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

hehe... nak try luck lah...
ngeh ngeh..

kalau profesional boleh kan?? nak kene baca tnc nih..

-mama emma-

azzamoro said...

boleh antar byk design tak?

achee_b165 said...

cam beh jer.. mana tau ada rezeki..
~p-na mama oja~

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