Thursday, May 14, 2009

Attack of the Bridezilla

Call me outdated again, but I just watched Bride Wars last week. If you are wondering what the heck is Bride Wars, it is some sort of romantic comedy movie with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I am emphasising on the romantic comedy part because I read somewhere in cheeserland that one pakcik actually went to the wayang and watched Bride Wars and then said to himself outloud "eh ingatkan cerita perang tadi.." Like Husayn Zharief will say everytime he saw Nabil on tv "Mama..lawak kan" Mungkin pakcik tu saja je buat lawak. Siapa yang tahu.

Anyway that movie was quite funny but Kate Hudson look like an old woman, an Anne Hathaway of course look flawless but I can't help thinking she looks like a duck. OK, make that beautiful duck.

Kate Hudson is actually a blue haired old woman!

I was guilty of calling a former classmate of mine a mengkudu-face and months after that my face ended up with pimples just like the mengkudu surface and I hope I did not turn into a duck months after this is written. Hihihi.

My favourite scene of course was the climax when Anne Hathaway in all her wedding dress glory attacked Kate Hudson who was also in her wedding dress and was walking down the aisle. But then some of the scenes make me wonder (ok this will contain spoiler. close this blog asap if you refuse to read further!) like why Anne Hathaway and her fiancee suddenly fell apart from each other. There's only one scene I think depicting that they have fallen apart and the next thing you knew they are not together anymore and Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson's brother has fallen for each other instead. It was hastily done and I thought it was quite awkward.

But then Bride Wars is a fun movie and despite calling Anne Hathaway a duck, I can't help but rooting for her all the way in this one!

Next one on the list will be hunting for Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD. Any of you watched it? Is it as good as the book?

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yatie chomeyl said...

i've watched both movies. for me confessions of a shopaholic is better. the storyline and the way that movie was presented is so full of twisted emotions. u'll burst into laughter and tears at the same time, trust me! ;)

Zuhaini said...

oh.. cerita ni belom tgk lagi.. sure kelakar! :)

supermummy said...

oo yake..camni nak kena cari confessions tu cepat2.kehkeh

haa ok la..bole tahan..kehkeh

l i e y n said...

dua2 pun tak tengok lagi...huhuhuhu

Azman Ramlie said...

Wahahahhaa...kau la pengasas mengkudu face kan? Walaupun aku ngan Ajeling pun kutuk juga tapi memandangkan kau pengasas...kau yg mendapat semua sumpahan,..padan muka..hahahaha

supermummy said...

sila2 tengok..

hahaa wey bukan aku la pengasas..farul tu..dia yg start dulu..dahlah dia panggil muka mengkudu pastu dia kata bini tarzan..kehkeh..rindunya aku kelas media innovation di zaman riang ria..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

huhu.. nampak sgt i ketinggalan..

dua2 i x tgk lg... infact byk gilerrrrrrrr movie i x tgk...

-mama emma-

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