Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another excuse for random updates

Some kind of random updates:

*Work has been super double busy with factory visits, some club stuff, back to back meetings, deadlines and not forgetting the exam. And just 2 years ago I thought working for government will be more relaxing. Argh!

*Currently training futsal for 3 times a week too and hopefully will be selected to play in the inter agency games. Haha. Well at least if I'm not selected at least I got to be fitter and leaner and hopefully fit into my old jeans. I also got my own physio who is my sister. The best masseuse I have ever found, and she live in the same house as me!

*Got new sponsor for Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award. So there will be a third prize! Hurey. Wondering who is the sponsor? Tungguu yah!

*Really piss off with Husband but having a tough time expressing it. Haha.

*Receive a phone call from Bio-Essence yesterday and yours truly is selected for the Bio-Essence 14-Day Tanaka White Fair-Y Tale Challenge! Yay..bolehlah mencerahkan muka yang gelap gelita. Kehkeh.

*Also received an invitation for the prize giving ceremony of The Malaysia Airlines' Great Escapade Contest. Tak menang pun dapat makan free best jugak kan? Haha. But not sure yet whether I'm going or not since going means leaving Husayn at home. Anybody is going?

*And loooove the Maybelline Mineral Foundation. Tak berminyak langsung! Muah muah!

6 superstars:

Fid said...

muka gelap gelita??
di mana...di mana..wah makin berseri2lah nanti!wah2

Zuhaini said...

wah.. best tu! makan free! :)

precious innocent said...

huhu... bila nak announce winner utk supermummy amazing blogger nie??

sangap dah tungguuuuuuuu

-mama emma-

nURmALa mAZLan said...

nak ikut g makan free

supermummy said...

hahah..makin berseri seri baguslah..kang silap makin berjerawat ke..naya je..hahah

haa..tu la tatau nak pegi ke tak ni...makan free memang best tapi bergomol dengan husayn lagi best..hahah

haha kesiannya..i dah agak u mesti tertunggu2..tapi serius tak sempat lagi....agaknya next week kot..

jom jommm..hahah

l i e y n said...

i oun dapat dinner invitation tu tapi tak boleh pg sebab ada familyday at Awana Kijal....

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