Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Supermummy featured in Tech & U, NST - and I nearly missed it!

I was browsing through NST yesterday and I accidentally stumbled upon this

Thanks to Rozana Sani from NST who has featured me in the NST's Tech & section! And thank you to all you lovely readers for without you guys, this blog will not even become what it is today (ok sorry-dah mcm ucapan anugerah popular berita harian pulak.haha). Anyway if you want to read the article do click here. By the way contrary to what the writer wrote in the first paragraph, I have never ever think of myself as a supermom. Wonder where she got that..haha. These are my exact words to her in the email interview:

"I don't know what actually inspired me to use "supermummy" but I guess it is some sort of sarcastic remark at myself since I am so far from being a supermummy! "

But then it's ok lah. Tak marah pun. Just want to point out that fact. Nanti orang kata perasan pulak dia ni supermom. Heheh.

**Other random updates**
- Went to the Dinosaurs and Monsters Exhibition on Sunday. I'll do a review about that tomorrow. But I have to agree with Hafizah's comment on my Monsters & Dinosaurs entry:
"hi intan...i pegi tadi bwk my 5yr old and 9yr old (twin) nephews.The boys were quite dissapointed..and asyik ckp, ni aje ke? mostly yg ada, robotic rubber dino, yg gerak2 skit skit, takat toleh kepala kiri n kanan n some display on bugs. pastu ada la bunyi2, suara dino from some big speakers.tp yg paling diorang suka is the robotic spider, which they can control its movement. tp tu pun, macam da rosak sikit."

- Remember this entry? Well I finally managed to book tickets to Langkawi. And guess which air carrier did I choose? It's Firefly! Surprise surprise! I nearly booked Air Asia yesterday but somehow I also missed their RM1 offering to Langkawi. And I ended up checking Firefly first. RM210 for 3 people who is going to be flying from Subang which is not that far from my house. The arrival and departure timing is perfect too. So I'm thankful for that.

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nURmALa mAZLan said...

Kak…next week kita pon gi langkawi..naik AirAsia..tambang nyer RM400-return for 2 pax...murah jugak kan??kita ada check jugak firefly tapi date yg kita nak pergi tu tiada penerbangan ke langkawi..huhu~~

Senotip Synte said...

congrats for being featured in the NST ... bukan sonang ooo

Jade said...

wah intan.. congrat..

hehe.. glamer kejap :P

Fid said...

tahniah supermummy!

happy holiday!

lili11 said...

Uuuu ... Supermommy glamer. Congrats.

precious innocent said...

intan, kalau u nak ada domain sdiri, u don't u try review program kat mommyplanet tu... kat sini
nih...-mama emma-

Zuhaini said...

:) a ah la, saya pun rasa supermummy kena ada domain sendiri.. baru da bomb! :)

congrat! masuk paper.. :) rasa glamer kan..? :) hehe.. mcm la ibu alia pernah masuk paper.. :)

Lyna said...

yea u dah establish & famous, ada domain sendiri lagi bebas & 'strong', lgpon pakai blogger kang tibe2 derang buat hal, tutup akaun ke. some bloggers dah kena kan.

(i yg imfamous blogger ni pon gatal2 nak domain sendiri. wakaka)

-Mommy Lyna

MUNIRA said...


Bonnie said...

Congrates! Keep up the good work! And yeah, you should get your own domain name.. :)

l i e y n said...

wahhh...good exposure!tapi u dah biasa kan?

okayle tu RM210 for 3...

happy holiday!

little prince's mummy said...

Congratulations for being featured!~

mrs.hafizNEN said...

congrats on being featured...again!!!

how do u do it, getting noticed and all? i would wanna get noticed too and get in the papers! it will help my freelance work a hell lot!!! i need TO DO SOMETHING than just being a SAHM. i too, need exposureeeeeeeee.

congrats again!

Siti Fatimah said...

Congrats to u dear :D
wah glamour gitue!!!

:iBuAfiQah: said...

congrat sbb masuk paper...
glamerr tuh...

happy holiday tau...

Elyn said...

congrats kak..... pergh cam artis tu huhuh

supermummy said...

wah gi honeymoon ke? kehkeh

thanks a million!

haha..takdela glemer mana..lain la masuk ruangan gosip artis..hahah

thank you!

iskk..tak glemer pon lah..haha

wah menarik gak tu..nanti kalau rajin nak try gak la..kehkeh..

nak membayar domain tu yg malas tu..almaklumla kedekut..hahaha..

ha tu la takut jugak hilang semua..sedihnya..diharap jauhkanla

terima kasih daun keladi!

thank you! as for the domain, stilll thinking about it! hehe

thanks for the wishes~!

l.p mummy
thank you so much!

mr hafiznen
jawapannya adalah kena mempromote! good luck ya!

siti fatimah
thank you thank you!

terima kasih! ala biasa je la..kadang2 org tak perasan pon..kehkeh

artis apanya..tahap artis suam suam kuku pon tak sampai..haha..anyway thanks!

Bitt said...

congrate dpt masuk paper!! :D

Liyana said...

wah...sudah glamer kawan ku ini

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kuar paper ler intan

ooo.....dah dpt tiket nak fly ke langkawi yerk.....
happy holiday in advance intan

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