Sunday, April 5, 2009

An ode to MomBloggersPlanet and why Osim uVibe is destined for me!

MomBloggers Planet is where Malaysian moms unite
Got kids, got a blog and call yourself a mommy?
Then submit it to the Blog Directory
It's oh so simple and best of all it's absolutely FREE!
If you are new mommies on the blog
And blogging tips are what you are searching for
Then I'd say head to the blogging tools and tips section
Blogspot or wordpress- I'm sure you will smile in satisfaction!

The Marketplace directory is certainly a place to be
Created especially for all online shop owners have beens or wannabe
From toys & books to kids apparel and even cakes and cuppies
Just link MomBloggersPlanet on your site and listing is absolutely free!

The goodness at Mombloggersplanet don't end there
If you are stress at work or even contest freak just like me
Go and join this contest now to win OSIM uVibe Massager, super adorable Grobag, galores of bibs and even onesies,
Just like Malaysian Supermummy!

I know the owner of MomBloggersPlanet have left a message at my message box a aeons ago inviting me to join this new community. But of course, being a super procrastinator I keep postponing things and now at 5am in the morning I finally managed to register. One unique thing about MomBloggersPlanet is how they separate the blog directory according to the region - well, there's Central for KL & Selangor and if you live in Kota Bharu, just register under the East Coast category and so forth. I think I saw the same concept in one of those American mothers' community and wishing we have the same thing here, and now my wish has come true!

I truly heart you MomBloggersPlanet!

OK, now the objective of this post is winning this Osim uVibe Massage for a stressed-free me. But I swear all the above puji pujian is absolutely honest, not related at all to this contest (ok so maybe a little teeeny weeny bit!) whatsoever that MomBloggersPlanet is having.

So here goes, FOUR absolutely good reason why I desperately need Osim uVibe Massage

1. Do you know how tiring it is to drive to work and then back home in KL with traffic jam to add icing to the cake? And then to add more icing, I have to pick up Husayn who will push whatever button inside the car, try to get out of his carseat, screaming "nak nenen!" and "nak ikut mama!" in the middle of traffic jam. I am developing a good case of backache and headache here and there.

2. My husband came home after 10pm every night. And when he came back and and me with a sweet faced, muka tak malu asked for a back massage- and of course I got this in return "saya pun penat jugak..awaklah yang patut urut saya ni.." Osim uVibe Massage will certainly make me and my husband one happy couple!

3. Osim uVibe Massage is small and handy, perfect to hide in any nook and cranny around the house so Husayn will not "pomen" this thing with his little fingers. You should see our tv and all his cars and lorries!

4. I work in front of the PC for 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week and 180 hours per month. And that is pure torture and shoulder aching experience too. I certainly hate using my own hand to massage all those aches!

I'd say go and register yourself at MomBloggersPlanet today and enjoy those goodness there and you can even get free flow traffic for your blog - that come to think of it, you must be absolutely mad to not register!

6 superstars:

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

gud info ler....
nanti nak join jugak ler...
also d contest...he he he

mombloggersplanet said...

wah..supermummy..pkl 5.30am online! btw thanks for entering the contest! oh ya.. if u have any new contest on, just drop a line at i'll check it out and spread the words..

Liyana said...

alahai...siannya kawan ku yang seorang ini....semoga ko menang....amin (baik tak i?kehkehkeh)

Liyana said...

takpun...ko nak bli mobile massager seat OGAWA yg sedang ku cuba jual di blog ku??byrla bulan2...hehehehe

precious innocent said...

haha... lawak la entry u nie..

i thought u'll never wanna join this community.. uhuk!!!

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

the 4 reason tu buat i gelak lah esp yg 2nd tu..coz' pun camtu hu hu

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