Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House of sick people and I think I look better in pink or purple. Hah!

My weekend was full of headache. Husband was down with fever on Friday and Husayn with his terrible sounding cough and he also was down with fever on Saturday. And on Saturday Husband's left side of face has swollen like watermelon, that I know he hurts so bad, but I can't help but thought it was quite funny seeing his face like that. Kehkeh. Memang kesian.

That watermelon face was the result of a swollen gum and I thought it was really terrible since the face remains the same 'til this morning. But I don't have the heart to take his pic since I know he will halau me out of the room. Kehkeh. But Husayn is getting better. Feed him the madu asli every morning and I think it makes much more difference than the ventolin or cough syrup. And I think it's healthier too!
Look at how his legs were all propped up on Husband's. Sometime he even nongkrong on top of Husband! Eh teringat rancangan Nongkrong bersama MTV dengan VJ Sarah Sechan ! Nongkrong is certainly the coolest Jawa word ever! Haha.

Anyway I like my tudung today. Barulah semangat nak buat kerja (semua ini hanyalah alasan, I know). It's bloody new and I bought it at Dirs Gallery in Semua House. Loveee the selection of tudung at that shop!

Lastly go nominate yourself in the Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award! A lot of people asked whether they can nominate themselves for the award and I'd like to make everything clean and clear here - Of course you can nominate yourself! After all, you guys are the best mother/father in the eyes of your own child and what's better than that? So leave a comment at this entry and nominate yourself/fav mommy,daddy blog/parenting blog! Jangan malu malu.

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