Thursday, April 2, 2009

For the love of money and gin & Jacqie!

Earning money through your blog is something that I have never dream of a few years back. I mean I used to think who want to pay some dosh to anybody who blog about their life. But I guess I was wrong! This blog is helping me earn some money here and there and though it's not exactly lucrative, it does help a little, especially when I have loads of bills to pay! Anyway here's my 3-way of earning some ringgit and cents (and dollars too!).

1. Nuffnang
Now tell me, who has a blog in blogspot and does not have any Nuffnang adverts in it? Well, maybe there are a few numbers who did not have Nuffnang, but I am telling you if your visitors are mostly locals as in Malaysians, go and install Nuffnang! It might take a while to earn that first RM50 for you to cash out, but keep on promoting your blog to increase your visitors. Believe me, the higher the visitors of your website, then Nuffnang will certainly love you much much more.

2. Sponsored Reviews
I like Sponsored Reviews better than Pay Per Post, well maybe because I got a few reviews opportunities from the former. And they pay you in dollar! All you need to do is bid to write some review at their websites, and once you have been selected, you need to write the review within a certain date. They will pay through Pay Pal once you have everything completed. A very good and easy way to earn the dollar!

3. Adsense
Very easy to install especially if you are using blogspot. But word of advice, don't click your own ad as you might end up being banned by Google.

Those are 3 of my favourites. Other ways include creating your own e-book like Mommy Lyna did, sell some advertisements space in your blog, get involve in all those affiliates thingy, or have your own online business like most of you guys are doing!

By the way below is the Gin & jacqie bag for the top commenter!
I think BabyIbu also has done a contest and one of the winner get to win the above bag, so if you missed your chance in BabyIbu, I have another stock of this brand new bag right here for the top commenter! By the way the above bag is not available in Gin & Jacqie's website anymore so marilah mari!

p/s: Am using the very same design bag like above when I travel and I looooove it!

Aksi di Pangkor bersama beg kesayangan serta haruslah tidak dilupakan anak kesayangan dan juga wajib pakai kasut merah. haha

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azzamoro said...

ala..mesti dah terlambat nak jadik top commenter..huhu

zh-ena said...

heheheh betul2 tu ngan blog jea kita blh menambahkan pendapatan

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

setuju bebenar..
zana just add nufnang jer...he he he...

wow wow weee...
hadiah top commentor tu...
best lorrr

liwaniel said...

best nye hadiah top commentor tu..tapi wanie mesti dah tak berpeluang nak jadi top commentor

l i e y n said...

susah gak nak jadi top commentor ni...
pink kaler!!i never had pink bag...

DYLA said...

i ada nuffnang je...

yg 2nd option tu tak reti la..


Alamak...beg pink itu telah membuatkan daku yg super malas mengomen menjadi super rajin mengomen. Hikksss.... contest start biler nih? kalau dari dolu-dolu...hancurlah harapan ku. huhuhu.

p/s : terbayang betapa bergayanya makcik rehan dgn beg pink itu sambil menjerit2 memanggil anaknya yg membuas di dlm mall.

supermummy said...

no cigarettes please..haha

takpe..cuba cuba pasti berjaya!

tula..walaupon ciput..bolelah..haha

bestkan nuffnang..haha..

boleh je jika rajin nak komen setiap back entry..ekhkeh

ambiklah..tapi kena jadi top commenter dulu..kehkeh

senang je yg 2nd option tu..tapi kena rajin bukak website tu utk bid la..

makcik rehan
dah start..cuma tinggalkan komen..nak komen yang lepas2 pon boleh..haha..syaratnya cuma komen byk2 tanpa batasan, tak kisahla komen apa..haha

precious innocent said...

aik, mana counter top commenter nie? hehe... sorok nampak??

apakah nama i still teratas? huhu...

kat blog i ada #1&#3 je.. yg #2 tu x mampu la.. sbb i x pandai english.. takat yes mo alrite tu ok la.. hehe

tp xdak income masyuk lg pung... mencik!!!

-mama emma-


Ala..awat tak suh buat karangan...kalau karangan i lagi sanggup rasanya. hehehe

bab2 mengarang merapu meraban i mmg terer. hehe...

nURmALa mAZLan said...

top 1st je yg dapat hadiah ke, top 10 leh dapat hadiah..eheheh~

atty's said...

kalo dpt beg besh nya..salam ziarah..

Liyana said...

mcm cantik je beg tu...tak ble kaw-tim ke...ahahaahaa

Liyana said...

by the way...apsal ada iklan rokok ni??? tp nk tumpang iklan la gak,aku pun dah bjaya memberhentikan tabiat merokok suamiku tercinta,hehehehe...dah 3 thn 3 bln 2 hari dh...semoga berkekalan....amin

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

mimpi2 beg pink tu ler hu hu........

momguess said...

cantek beg tuuuu

precious innocent said...

'blari bkejaran... lalala'

-mema emma-

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