Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl

I guiltily admit that I love reading about celebrities. Hollywood or Malaywood I dig them all!

Every Sunday morning, I will routinely picked B*Pop first instead of reading the front page. I have an aunt who love to buy all these local glossy entertainment magazine like Hai, URTV and even Mangga! Everytime I dropped by her house I will without guilt devoured all those magazines and me and my sisters sometimes even berebut who get which one first. Haha. It's not that I really admire those celebrities or something, I guess it's just one sort of amusement.

I mean to see a sexy unknown actress clad in a bikini suit with her cleavage all pop out for the world to see and then has the cheek to say "Saya rasa saya tak seksi", it will really make you smirk in amusement.

I don't buy entertainment magazine though back in school I used to buy The Star Publications' Galaxie and UK entertainment magazine - Smash Hits. Malaysia also used to have this Rolling Stones type of magazine named TONE where they usually cover all those bands stories which I always bought back when I was in university. I even used TONE as one of the source for my thesis when I was in my final year. But unluckily they have discontinued.

Anyway why bother buying magazine when you have the internet? I don't get it why you need to censor a celebrity's face in the newspaper when he/she has been caught in khalwat or something. You can go to the Gossip section in Forum Cari and you will instantly get the answer!

Here's my 3 most favourite gossip page Hollywood or Malaywood alike:

1. The Superficial
The tongue in cheek comments and the way all those Hollywood elites caught sometimes with their pants down are downright funny. And guess what is the tagline for this website? "Because you're ugly" Haha..So aptly titled.

2. Just Jared
A gossip page but not as kejam as The Superficial. One of my favourite source to see the latest pics of Robert Pattinson and the entire New Moon crew. Also have Just Jared Jr for the Disney loving actors.

3. Forum Cari - Gossip
No gossip local online portal will ever beat Forum Cari. Even Vernon from Mr Manager also do post in Forum Cari. Once there was a gossip on Adibah Noor and Adibah Noor herself answered the allegations in the forum. I think this Gossip forum has appeared in a few newspapers. Oh yes, even some not so clever local entertainment reporters has 'steal' some gossip from this Forum.

Oklah XOXO - you know you love me (eh ter-Gossip Girl la pulak..haha)

5 superstars:

Jade said...

i pulak selalu terjah byk gak gosip artis hollywood..hehehe..

supermummy said...

haa i pon kadang2 masuk x17..ok gak..ha satu lagi perezhilton..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

haha... i dah lama tau u warga cari forum tu... kekeke...

-mama emma-

Mommy Lyna said...


i dah lama tak begosip nih

dlu2 suka jgk belek forum gossip kat cari tu ehhe

Liyana said...

tak sempatla nk baca gossip2 online ni...selalunye mmg dapat tau gossip ni lambat...ayat2 plg selalu kene dr member2 "la ko tak tau ke,dah lama dh..." :-P

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