Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want to be bergetah like Ibu Halimah too when I reach the 6-0!

In 2 years I am going hit the big 3-0 which is thirty and which is dreadful for me because it sounds old.But then the fab girls in Sex and the City are all 40 plus and they still look marvellous! I know I cannot stop aging and the numbers from rolling forward, but I guess I can cheat like the others and guzzle myself with all those anti aging supplement and look young forever! Well unless you are Edward Cullen who apparently stay 17 forever, I guess that is the only choice you have.

So now for a start, and preparation before I hit the big 30, I am starting with Jamu Mak Dara. Have you seen the figure of Ibu Halimah, the founder of Jamu Mak Dara? Gilalah! I bought the serbuk Jamu Mak Dara from this online shop (and this shop charge nothing at all for shipping! Hurray!) and have been consuming it for nearly one month already. I honestly don't know if there is any difference whether I take this one or not, but I notice I urinated more frequently now. Maybe due to the amount of water that I have been crazily consuming to avoid the panas-ness of the jamu. Kehkeh. In 30 years time I want to look as fit and bergetah like Ibu Halimah too! Haha.

Inilah Ibu Halimah bersama bunga

Now I am searching for something that will be good for the skin jugak, some sort of supplementlah. I used to consume the Redoxon Vitamin C coupled with Natopherol for Vitamin E, but have since stopped because the clinic at my office is not giving that one for free anymore (I blame the recession!). But if you know or are currently consuming something that is good for your skin do share ya..Janganlah rahsia-rahsia. Saya pun nak cantik juga! Haha.

ps: I nearly got hit by an Avanza this morning as I opened the car door in front of the office. Tapi takdelah dekat sangat pun, come to think about it. Driver Avanza tu pun satu mengada nak berhenti nak marah-marah pulak. I was in moody but not in confrontational mood so I just said sorry and walked off. But Husband tak puas hati agaknya, he honk the guy back and opened the tingkap and then shouted what lah I don't know at that Avanza driver. I think they continued having a shouting match in front of my office but I don't know the ending since I am safely tucked inside the elevator. Nasib baik. Haha.

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Anasfadilah said...

badan ibu halimah ni gilalah ramping ok

tapi dia ikut pantang org dulu-dulu

tak dudu atas lantai,tak minum ais..

dan dia juga bersenam

p/s::bab tak minum ais tu gagal lah saya kan...hahah

Jade said...

intan,mind to share the website to buy d "JAMU MAK DARA".. Nk try makan ler... I try yg Cap Petani tu tp every time i makan, bdn jadi lemah n sakit2.. dh nk dekat 1 month makan makin xde tenaga.. ehehe...Reverse effect kot :P

nURmALa mAZLan said...

huhu~~~kita baru 26 ni dah boyak dah kak..ekekeke~~

supermummy said...

haha betol2..tak minum ais..kalau saya pulak tak minum ais ok lagi..tak duduk atas lantai pon bolela sbb suka duduk atas kapet..tapi kena bersenam tu yg asyik malas tu..hahaha

bukak site ni
memang percuma! shipping je la..jamunya kenala baya..hehe

takpe..boleh makan jamu anak dara pulak..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

i confirm la x lepas nak mkn jamu segala nie, sbb still bf ryan lg..

tp xpe... badan ku masih mantap!!!

ittew kata ayahnye aaa... :P

-mama emma-

Wanida said...

That's good started dear...I mmg mkn jamu since I'm 15yrs old and the hasil mmg menakjubkan...ramai yg tak tahu hasil jamu nih sbb kita tak didedahkan dgn khasiatnya...satu lagi u kena ambil EPO utk balancekan hormon wanita kita...supposely dah kena ambil masa umur 25 yrs old but still not too late utk mulakannya...selain itu dia juga dpt maintainkan kulit kita dan menyediakan body kita utk menghadapi pra menapaus....selamat mencuba...

Liza said...

i have been struggling with weight issues for like forever, still trying tapi iman tak kuat lah

adam06 said...

feewittt...ibu halimah tu cun aaaa huhuu apa rahsia ;)

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