Friday, March 13, 2009

Waiting for SPM results was something that I will never ever forget

Yesterday was SPM day. I got a sister who got her results yesterday, and a brother who also got his STAM (Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia) yesterday too. And they both passed with flying colours..hurray! Eh alhamdulillah la patutnya..haha.

My brother and a smaller + chubbier version of Husayn

Anyway I remember mine which was around 10 years ago. I remember expecting to fail Add Math since I really sucked at Add Math and I usually don't have the motivation to even make myself understand all those equation. Did you know that before SPM I have never even passed my Add Math exam? Haha..that was how bad is it. My mother taught at the same school as mine but she did not teach me (she did teach my class once for 2 months when I was in Form 4 though!). I got SAP (which equals to flunk) for all my Form 4 exam. During Form 5 I took extra subject which was Perdagangan to avoid that SAP thing and I studied that subject by myself, no tuition whatsoever. Kehkeh.

My favourite subject? English and History of course. I got confused a lot when I learned Science which was why I avoid from going into Science stream at all cost. I also ponteng a lot on the days leading to SPM just because I want to study at home. Haha. In fact a few times I came to school, and then I went back through the back gate at 9am, and this is all done while my mom was at school of course. And I did inform her everytime I want to cabut. Kehkeh.

On SPM day I was a wreck. I cannot imagine how my mother would react, relatives and teachers and friends. But I got over my wreck as soon as I saw my results. Whoopee! I even passed my Add Math though it's not exactly A1, but I was so grateful that I screamed at my Add Math teacher "Teacher, I passed my Add Math!" and then hugged her. The icing on the cake was hearing my father speaking proudly on the phone to some relatives of mine (I was pretending to be asleep! Haha) about my SPM results. And to hear my father praise because of good exam results are so very rare! Haha.

I guess, SPM day was indeed a day to remember. But then I think if you don't do so well, it's not the end of the world either!

ps: i've already filled my car tanks yesterday and the pakistani man at the petrol station helped me! i even confessed to him "boleh tolong isi kan minyak tak? saya tak pandaila sebab tak pernah buat.." haha.

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mrs.hafizNEN said...

my then-boyfriend-now-husband got hold of mt SPM results first instead of me, boleh tak???

i remembered going to school, saw hubby's motorbike depan sekolah and when he saw me, came down and smiled.

hubby was a very naughty type of kid back then so the teachers at our school can never say no to him! so hubby got hold of my class teacher, ntah ape yang die dok pujuk2 cikgu tu and wallah, he got my results first :D

ps : i, on the other hand TAK PERNAH pass math and for SPM, i did. betul2 atas pagar! LOL

Jade said...

i still ingat malam smlm nk amik result tu i tak bleh nk tido.. tergolek sana... tergolek sini...

actually bkn takut nk amik result, tp segan nk jumpe balik my "crush".. hahaha

Jiji said...

I flunked my chemistry paper bcoz i hated that blardy talking-to-the-blackboard chem. teacher heh. Infact the whole class hated her and we flunked that paper with flying colours!

Kita orang sampai kena sumpah takan lulus kimia sampai bebila.

Now none of us working in chem. line.

Nasib tak kena sumpah jadi batu.

supermummy said...

ahaa sungguh sweet mcm tu!

ahaha..crush di zaman sekolah mmg tak boleh dilupakan! tapi saya juga bermimpi buruk tidak lulus spm few days before amek result. kehkeh

hahaha..teringat dulu zaman skolah kalau tak suka cikgu mesti nak sakitkan hati cikgu tu..esp cikgu praktikal..kadang2 sampai menangis cikgu..kesian cikgu tu..haha

yaya said...

hah! i pun teringat mase dpt result SPM bila baca entry u kali nih.... anyway congrat to your sis and bro....

Liyana said...

aku ingat giler amik result..we were waiting at the canteen...lepas dapat result kn, kita g SRKDU so that i can inform my mum (since my family takde telefon zaman tu)...and also met up with my uncle there,who gave me all the money in his wallet bcoz of my result,heheheh...and then we went of course to our favourite destination 1 utama

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