Monday, March 2, 2009

Toy story

I love watching the transformation on Husayn's face as soon as we enter Toys r'us or any other toys section or shop for that matter. His curious eyes will look here and there, but as soon as we step into the toys shop his eyes will go all light up and the excited smile will slowly form onto his face and the excited shouts will start.

Now I know why most kids that I saw exiting from Toy r' us are either screaming, crying or shouting. Toys shop really will do that to you and your kids. No wonder my parents rarely bring me to toys shop when I was a kid.
Just for the heck of it, I experimented by dragging Husayn to the girls' toys section where there are the Barbies and dollhouses. And he did not even bother to touch all those nicely arranges dolls. He totally ignored it!

But as soon as he saw the cars/trucks/trains he will run amok and sekejap "huiyoo!" or "yea! yea!", or even "mama..lori besar!" or "huiyoo..thomas!", I thought it was really ironic. Then he will start picking the toys and rearranging it, or he will scream "mama..bawak!" and dragged one of the toys for me to bring along and buy of course, only for me to realise "apa ni..lori kecik tapi harga beratus ratus!". I usually spent most of my time running (and half screaming of course) after him because he will go crazy checking out all the toys.

Anyway unsurprisingly, Husayn did scream/kick/cry (not exactly in that particular order..haha) as soon as we exit the toys shop since his mother is too kedekut to buy any Toys r'us toys, well not until he can properly take care of all his toys and not seksa it like the current ones. Kehkeh.

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bOnda said...

alaaa sian husayn..xpe, gOOd bOy akan dapat gift bila buat baik nanti kan =)

supermummy said...

ahaha..kat rumah toys dia byk sgt tapi semua tak cukup sifat..kehkeh

Andrew said...

hello intan!! have fun tomoro ya!!! mdg finally kicks off!! i mean the best part of it!! haha

supermummy said...

hey andrew..ya and i have to cover tomorrow's one alone! fun lah without other blogger..kehkeh

Arin said...

saya penah menghadapi saat di mana kuar dari toys r us without buying anything..mengamuk anak dara ku..mana tak nye, semua dia pegang..semua yg ala2 serupa dia dah ader..takkan nak beli..bazir..yg differentiate kan toys tuh adalah kaler nye..ishh..

achee_b165 said...

huiyo.. husayn..pandai dia pilih yg besar ajer..hehe!!

klu oja, x leh nmpak ball...harus kena beli, yg kocik2 pn jd la asal ball...smpai kt rumah dh sebakul collection ball dia..huhu!!

~p-na mama oja~

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