Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire vs Australia

Call me outdated but finally I have managed to watch Slumdog Millionaire last week, thanks to a nearby pirated DVD shop. I really heart this shop and best of all the shop is only walking distance from my house! I thought relating Jamal's life to all the answers in Who Wants to be A Millionaire's show is quite a clever and refreshing.

Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor

My favourite scene has to be the part when Salim, Jamal's brother locked Jamal in the toilet so he did not get to see Amitabh Bachan. Jamal who so want to see Amitabh Bachan actually took a dive inside the toilet bowl (mind you this is an outdoor toilet) and at last got to meet his hero. All dirty and smelly covered in shit of course. Kehkeh.
Jamal in the toilet
The covered in shit scene
(peringatan: jika rasa nak muntah tahankan saja ataupun scroll down cepat cepat. haha)

Unlike the usual Hindi movie with all those dancing and singing, this one only limit the singing and dancing to the ending and that's that. I really like this movie and I think it deserves every single Oscar that it won plus so many other awards. I also don't get it why people want to make a fuss of the name Slumdog. Some said the 'dog' is not necessary and downgrading, but then if you think again, there's also hotdog and underdog and it does not even refer to a dog. I mean can you imagine if the movie title is Slum Millionaire? Tak cukup dramatik lah. Haha.
Jamal and long lost love, Latika

By the way speaking of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, I remember watching once the Malaysian version where they have Misha Omar (yes the singer!) on the show. Jalaluddin Hasan, the host asked her something like what do you call a "Duta" in English which of course means an ambassador. But she did not even know what is it. And I thought it is quite embarassing. Hehe. I mean it's not like somebody asked her the history of the nation or something. But then, nervous kot (bersangka baik). Haha.

Oh yes I also watched Australia, and this movie sucks! I got to agree with one review who said that the only thing worth watching in Australia (the movie) is the scenery in that movie. Haha. Too bad, since it could have been much more better.

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Anasfadilah said...

saya pun baru tengok slumdog millionare ni thanks to pirate..hahaha!

they deserve it..the part jamal nak jumpe amitabh tu pun feveret saya...cool je amitach bagi otograf..haha

zh-ena said...

dua2 tak tgk lg movie nie..lg la outdated

Liza said...

i am more outdated than you, satu hape pun tak tgk lagik, and what makes it more unfortunate, i don't have any supplier within mu house vincinity, tggu kluar kat astro ler gamaknyer

aznitaz said...

i dah tgok gak but the scene where Jamal full of shit tu x lalu nak tgok..eeyukss. oklaa tp byk sgt org jahat n ganas dlm citer tu.

Australia dah ada dvd tp lum tgok lagi..tp citer nicole belakon byk yg boring pun kaan??

supermummy said...

haha tu la..semangat org india ni rupanya bila berjumpa filim star..satu kampung kejar..haha

takpe..silalah beli di kedai dvd berdekatan..ataupon download di internet saje..kehkeh

aha..tu la..tak lama lagi keluar la kat astro tu

ha ada dua cite nicole kidman yg saya suka..the others dengan moulin rouge. bewitched pon ok jugak sebab suka tgk dia buat gaya mulut genie..kehkeh

cikmunna said...

that movie memang superb..my hubby and i layan sampai kul 3am..nak dapat supply dari pirate supplier lambat sgt..

scene amitabh bachan memang class...tapi really pity with all the kids overthere compare to here..

Arin said...

music citer slumdog best..layan gile..

Mama Mya said...

lum nengok lagi laaa huhuhu

mama mya

supermummy said...

betol..mmg kesian sangat tgk suasana tempat tu..

ha ni mesti salah sorang peminat lagu2 ar rahman..hehe

mama mya
cepat2 gi tgk..rogi rogi kalau tak tgk..kehkeh

Liyana said...

udah lama tidak menonton wayang bersama hubby...ngehngeh...nk bwk anak2 skali,takut kena halau kuar panggung plak..hehehehe

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