Saturday, March 28, 2009

A prom night to remember

Prom night was something that I used to watch in those American movies and never thought of going until I moved back to PJ from Kota Bharu when I was 16. I guess most of the schools in PJ or KL area have their own prom night. I finally attended my prom night when I was 17!

I remember searching frantically for the perfect prom dress at every single malls that I stepped on. Flipping through magazines for some prom advice and searching for inspiration while admiring those beautiful prom dresses in the movies really helped a lot in nailing down the perfect prom dress! I think I bought my dress at KL Plaza (back when Tower Records there were big enough to get lost in 'em!), a gorgeous gold spaghetti strap gown that flow nicely. The dress problem was solved and it was down to my prom shoes. I ended up pairing that dress with a gold strapped heels and I am ready to go.

And then came the night of the prom itself.

I stayed at my best friend, Nita's the day's before so we took care of each other's makeup and everything. It was really fun! Our school prom was held at Palace of the Golden Horses and I think we were made to pay RM80++ to attend that prom. I certainly had so much fun looking at my friends' prom dresses and we even danced the night away to Innuendo who was the guest artiste that night. We did not have a date with anybody or anything but then who cares. It was the perfect night to end our secondary school years.

It was definitely a night to remember!

ps: sorry for not being able to share my prom night's pic. you can guess the reason. haha. By the way pleaseeee don't wear like Drew Barrymore did in Never Been Kissed!

3 superstars:

Jade said...

wah.. ade prob night ke? best best =)

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bestnyer ada prompt nite
me x pernah merasa pun...
yelah...sekolah kampung ler katakan....

precious innocent said...

masa i sekolah dulu, ada gak prom nite byk participate dr student yg pandai2 la..

i nie lak student yg x brp nak pandai.. haha

-mama emma-

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