Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh My Dear!

Today is my first day driving to work and I was scared as hell. But I pull through! Haha. So there.

Anyway I went to MyDear warehouse sale on Sunday with one aim - to search for Husayn's car seat. I don't have much dosh to spare to spend on a MaxiCosi which I would gladly buy should the money permits, but the money only permits MyDear (ataupun Sweet cherry!) so I opt for MyDear in the hope that it's a warehouse sale after all. So it should be cheap kan!

We went around 11 plus and the crowd was already building. It was hot and humid!
The place is at Puchong, near the Bandar Bukit Puchong. They have this tent set up in front of the warehouse.
Husayn kept tugging for this one - and it's going for 200+ I think.
But Husayn's mama really love this one! Tolocar in the form of tractor!
Bicycles also got! maybe should buy one for Husayn when he turns 2 next month. But of course not the pink one! Haha.
Husayn was crying because he was afraid of the wind blower (the one which is use to sejukkan the place) . Of all the things to be afraid of and he was afraid of that! Isk.
After a while he fell asleep. He usually fell asleep in Husband's arms, I can't even remember when was the last time he fell asleep in my arms. Come to think of it..maybe never!
We ended up buying this one. RM173 only and quality a whole lot better than the RM219 Sweet Cherry we saw at One Utama. So yes, puas hatilah!
So bye bye all, I am done here!

6 superstars:

DYLA said...

comel nyer tolo car transform truck tu... husayn dpt tak?

achee_b165 said...

wah.. syoknya shopin...nk jugak...

~so mummy dia nk kena bwk husayn sendirik la ek..hehe! chayokk!

~p-na mama oja~

supermummy said...


TAK DAPAT! kehkeh..tp semalam baru beli lagi 2 toys baru dan hari ni sudah menuju proses kehancuran..haha

aah kena drive sendiri..saspen sebab bawah husayn..tadi pon suruh dia duduk diam2 sambil pegang lori kat car seat..dia pon elok je sambil menyanyi2..haha..nasib baik

nURmALa mAZLan said...

sedap kot bahu daddy nyer..tu yg husayn lena berbantalkan bahu daddy..bahu akak xsyok kot..ekekeke~~

Jiji said...

Hehe so cute your son! *hug-hug*

mummy_adam said...

pegi jugak aritu.. cari safety gate for adam..dapat & harga yg memuaskan.. murah compare to market price..

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