Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book worms go book crazy at MPH warehouse sale

It's not often that anybody will thought of having a warehouse sale a stone throw away from my house. I dig warehouse sale once in a while and I certainly hate the non-existence parking, the big crowd and stuffy area and how you have to berebut-rebut like mad (been to Pureen warehouse sale? that's what I encountered..and I was 6 months pregnant..macam nak pengsan rasanya!)

Anyway MPH (yes the bookstore!) was having this warehouse sale last week right behind my house - which is actually at the old Lim Kok Wing Building. So on last sunny Saturday morning, me and my sister went to the warehouse sale - not bothering at all to take a bath first. We just looked decent, so nobody will ever suspect we did not bother showering first! Haha. And we smelled nice anyway (really!).

Below is where the warehouse sale was held. And that is the old Lim Kok Wing building but all the students have moved to Cyberjaya. Used to be quite a happening here a few years back with all those students but the building is currently unoccupied.

By the way did I mention how nice is it to talk from your house to the warehouse sale because it is right smack behind your house? I don't even need to bertekak with my husband forcing him to accompany me to warehouse sale (which he especially despised due to the crowd. Haha)
Found all the Twilight series near the entrance. The below book is Breaking Dawn and it's only RM35. I bought the same one for RM49.90 at MPH Bookstore! But I wish the price hit around RM20..barulah betul betul warehouse! Haha.

The crowd at the warehouse sale. Some of the area in here is quite stuffy due to lack of fans. But I love the book selection especially the kids one! I actually browse through shelf by shelf here which is so satisfying for a book worm like me. Haha. But I really wish they really really bring down the price instead of kurang RM10 or something. Some of the books are also dusty due to the condition of the place I guess. But still, I still love the place because it is so near though I heard a few complaints about the parking.

Buku Ustazah Bahyah pun ada! Bolehlah belajar urutan cakar harimau..kehkeh..
Anyway after 2 hours there I got this for Husayn..
He absolutely loveee the truck+train+rescue book (the left one in the pic). The black colouring book came with crayon and he have been conteng-ing the book and my mother's table and also the dinding! Lovely..hahah. He like the Thomas book too, but not as much as the truck book.

And this one is for me..
Romantika bersama Judith McNaught. Hoho.
..and Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. I was searching for Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook (the movie version was based on this book!) but to no avail. Guess have to search at the bookstore lah pulak.

Oklah tata!

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Liyana said...

intan,warehouse sale tu sampai bila?dh abis ke?aku weekend ni baru balik KL lepak sana seminggu...kalau ada lagi bgtau yek...tengkiu

ps: ko pakai no apa yek skang?tatau la yg kt aku tu no fon zaman bile

Liyana said...

by the way, tgk buku truck yg ko beli tu,anak aku pun mesti suka biassala trak lori kereta...harap2 jd tokey jual trak ke biler besar nanti jgn la pulak keje bwk trak...well,we just can hope

Jade said...

ala...kalau tau dekat ur house bleh kirim beli buku untuk baby/kids [sekadar tmbh koleksi nk bg anak duk diam]

DYLA said...

ha ah, harus bergegas kan... tp tu la sini takde MPH yg berdekatan

supermummy said...

no aku sama je la..aku tau kau ada sms hari tu pasal perfume tp aku tak balas..sebab aku mcm tgh busy time tu lepas tu aku terlupa..bole? hahaha..sori ya..warehouse sale dah habis..haha lawak la keje bawak trak..kehkeh

ahaa..tu la..sudah terlambat la pulak..kehkeh..

haa betol..sebab tah bila lagi la sesiapa nak buat warehouse sale kat situ..kehkeh

l i e y n said...

i love to buy books but hard to steal the time to read n swallow the content of the books....
me being a bad reader is really pityful!

Jiji said...

aisey.. tp banyak banyak tu musti takde jual Archie's Comic... =(

Arin said...

my sis pon memborong gakkat MPH warehouse nih..buku2 untuk kids mmg worth it memborong..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

syok nyer gi warehouse MPH..
sure harga buku murah2 kan...

precious innocent said...

off topic..

awat u suka amik gambar close up ek??

-mama emma-

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