Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hanging out with models are actually fun and not as self conscious inflicting as I thought. Really!

This is me covering event for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 last Tuesday. Sorry for the kembang kempis, bigger than usual nose..hahah..I must have gone all puffy going up and down the stairs trying to keep up with those models wannabe!

The above are Farah, Maya and Denezia who are also among the 12 for the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2. I had a blast time spending the time with those girls and hearing the rants and answering some question myself about my son. apparently the girls are all interested in meeting Husayn! Haha.

From left: Rajvin, Shasya and Acha. The girls are all a friendly bunch - ataupun friendly bunch sebab I am the blogger covering the event? Haha.. Don't knowlah..But honestly they all are really a cool bunch. It would be sad when elimination time comes.

The most interesting question has to come from one of the girls, Dawn who asked me why I rarely put my husband's cafe on this blog. OK I honestly did not realise about that. Hehe..Anyway do visit Malaysian Dream Girl 2 site for my latest take on last Tuesday's event and don't forget to watch the show online!

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Andrew said...

Gosh~ I haven't seriously spoken to you since la~~ hahaha are we meeting up next monday @ mist club bangsar???

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