Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Before and after

Jade has apparently tagged me because I ran out of ideas on what to write the other day. Kehkeh. I think tagging people do help to know people better and at least you still have one entry per day! Honestly I can't imagine how Redmummy and Viruspadu did it with various entries per day! Ok here goes..

Sebelum ada anak
Watching movies every week (sometimes a few times per week!) adalah wajib. My favourite movie watching place would be One Utama or Cineleisure Damansara because the places are quite near my house. To save even more, I was also usually so rajin and cut all those free movie coupons in the newspaper and redeem it for free tickets.

Selepas ada anak
Now I don't even know what is the current ticket price to watch movies these days! I have not watched any movies in any cineplexes for 2 years people! The last movie that I have watched in Cineleisure was Deja Vu, the one that starred Denzel Washington (whose movie I will loyally watch because he did good movies!)

Sebelum ada anak
I haaate cleaning up little kids' poo. Yes, membersih/mencuci berak tuan-tuan dan puan puan. I have 5 siblings and I have never ever washed any of their poos, well except for one case. My sister was 3 or 4 years old and I was 14 or 15. My parents were not home at the time and she just has to poo at that very moment! So what I did was bring her to the toilet and I washed her butt with the toilet brush. Kehkeh. Now when I think about it I feel so kejam. Hahha. Luckily she did not grow up hating me for that. Kehkeh.

Selepas ada anak
I honestly don't mind cleaning up after Husayn's poo! In fact I usually am the one who cleaned up and washed him and everything, everytime he poo. Mind you this kid sometimes poo up to 4 times a day! No wonder he did not get chubby even though he eats a lot.

Sebelum ada anak
I once wrote on my Yahoo Messenger's status :
Harap-harap tidak mempunyai anak seperti Shin Chan.

Kanak-kanak sila jangan tiru aksi ini

I enjoyed reading Shin Chan, in fact I thought even though Shin Chan do all this crude jokes, it was really damn funny. I cried with tears of funni-ness when I read Shin Chan sometimes. But to have a kid like Shin Chan? Who called his mother Makcik Punggung Besar? Haha.

Selepas ada anak
Guess what, his favourite word now is Punggung which he pronounced 'Bunggung'. Uh-oh.

Sebelum ada anak
My favourite channel used to be HBO, Star Movies, E!, MTV, [V] and AXN - yes in that particular order.

Selepas ada anak
Now besides the above channel, ever morning have to switch on Playhouse Disney for Thomas and Friends and Bob and the Builder. Husayn also loves Wonderpets expecially the Malay version in TV9. And I thought the cartoon is really cute too! *Apa yang penting..kerjasama! Goooo..Wonderpets!"

Sebelum ada anak
I will cry everytime Husband is away. I will cry when Husband went back late. Oh I am so big on tears I am surprised that my eyes are still fine.

Selepas ada anak

Husayn is here, so the crying is getting lesser! And life of course is much more meaningful and I think I understand why they say having your own kid will change your life. I mean when Husayn's sweaty and masam neck is my favourite smell in the whole wide world, then I must have really looove this baby of mine! I miss him already..Kehkeh

Am not going to tag anybody but if you are sometimes on blogger's block mode, go and do all this tag!

The baby masam wrecking the house!

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pizli_mw said...

hahaha kelakar tengok gambar ni.. bersepah rumah lepas tu bangga letak kaki atas kereta..

Jade said...

hehe..akhirnya siap juga tag ini..
betulkn life mmg sgt2 berbeza lepas ada anak :P

my mum pernah ckp : bile ade anak, sila jgn pentingkan diri sendiri... apa pun pun anak, anak dan anak yg perlu dijaga

achee_b165 said...

hehe..tol la..ada ank lebih brtanggunjawab diri ini... tp bole laks, housemate masa blajar dlu(dh lama x jmpa) leh kata "tol ke ank ko nie, cm x caya je ko dh ada ank, cam ko pinjam anak org jer.." isk isk...

~ingat aku x mampu ke? aku subur tau~

~p-na mama oja~

supermummy said...

beginilah selalunya keadaan di rumah..hahah

haha betol..lepas tu jika diberi pilihan anak atau suami pon dengan hati rela ku pilih anak..kehkeh

pna mesti nampak gaya2 muda remaja lagi ni..kehkeh

Zuhaini said...

hehe.. cutenya husayn.. mcm muka x bersalah lak tu.. hihi.. :)

Jiji said...

Lepas ni buat tag Mom's handbag before-after. Sure terkeluar wipes, oilment, cotton diapers dan segala macam lagi hehehe@!~

zh-ena said...

betul3x bila dh ada bby mmg kita akan berubah..segala2nya utk bby kita..smpkan hubby pun blh jeles tgk kita..

supermummy said...

haha dia mmg muka sentiasa tak bersalah..paling best nanti dia cakap org lain pulak yg buat..haha

haha betol2! beg penuh dengan barang2 dia je..rapi sejak dah besar sikit ni adalah berkurangan sikit..cuma diapers je yg wajib sekali..kehkeh

haha tu la..husband dah besar takper..hahah

Nora said...

Hi Supermummy...

First time I melawat blog you ni hehe.. well.. everyone say life change after married, but for me its just another step in life. Life is more meaningful when children is around kan heheeh...

P/s: On No.2 and No.5 kita serupa hehehehe....:))

Arin said...

gaya husayn tuh mmg macho ar..kaki letak atas keta tuh..

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