Monday, February 2, 2009

To boycott or not to boycott?

Been reading a lot on the Boycott US and Israel products.

Been getting a lot of forwarded email about this too.

And have been trying hard to keep my eyes, heart and mouth off McDonalds for months. Yes I am trying to do my part here. And the Prosperity Burger looks so damn irresistible. But I have managed so far.

But one brand that I still find really hard to ignore/resist/avoid is the Johnson & Johnson's baby products. Husayn's have been using the Johnson's Baby cream and lotion since he was born and I don't know how his skin will react to other products.
This Johnson's baby cream really work wonders! If we went balik kampung and Husayn was bitten by mosquitoes or something, the bengkak will disappear really fast if I apply this cream straight to his bengkak. This cream also helped when Husayn's was a few weeks old and his face were covered with rashes. And I also have done an experiment and found out that the cream can also be a replacement for my Olay Total Effects too! All this for RM9.90 only (and sometimes even less when Vitacare is having a sale!)

And I applied the above lotion to Husayn's whole body twice a day.

So how do I actually boycott this products? If anybody know any products that work as well as the above do tell me. Might try. And it might work. And not from US or Israel please. Hehe.

Anyway I'm on holiday today! Hurrah! Selamat Hari Wilayah!

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Liza said...

we are in the same predicament, my cuties keep on insisting for me to boycott certain product but i find it difficult considering we have been using them all our life, i will try harder, yelah, that's the only way i know besides extending prayers to support the palestin

precious innocent said...

sama la... nak boikot huggies xleh pulak, sbb ryan serasi dgn dypers tu.. dah try others brand, tp xleh jugak..

melainkan ryan dipakai CD, tp mamanya la yg M.A.L.A.S. nak basuh...


-mama emma-

ZH - Ena said...

bby ena pun guna product gohson's bby..mmg serasi ngan bby ena..guna product lain akan tumbuh ruam..mcm maner tu??

Mommy Lyna said...

there's a more important thing than boycotting - make sure you follow all Islamic rules, the rukun Islam, rukun Iman, etc.

my opinion, no need to boycott if you just doing it for other ppl. do it Lillahi Taala is much better.


aznitaz said...

susahkan see how close / dependent we are to them??!! i pun belum cari alternatif nk ganti produk2 us/ israel yg family tgh guna skang..
lain org lain pndgnnya. i may not be a good muslimah tp selagi daya yg boleh cuba tuk boikot.

Linda Latip said...

salam ..hi, the colourful stories in ur blog. Aha about the boycotting stuff. We r tryin our best lah. Tapi kalau tk mampu or blh, apa bleh buat kan.. we hv to prioritize anak kite la plak..ritey? btw, bleh try eubos lotion fr baby or seba med pn ok

lupekanje said...

I never buy this product...instead of getting it free of charge...hehe..
so, I dont have to boycott...or must I ? boycott from using it??? since I contribute not a cent to this J&J ???

*my family member work wif this company...must he resign?? and stop giving me those free stuff???? huhu..
kompius...kompius...(ader gak selfish aku nih....)

To you supermom, its up to you...If u hv choice....then, go for it...boycott...!! But if u hv no choice...nothing wrong, to keep on buying n using it....


Queenin Murni said...

my son ada eczema.. pakai j&j pon tak brapa pakai aquoes cream tiap kali lepas mandi.. mmg ok sgt lah tu..doc kata kalau termkn pon takpe. :P plus kita nak buat moisturiser muka pon bagus sebb dia takda pewangi etc etc. its waterbase.

supermummy said...

betol..kalau produk yg dah sesuai ni susahla pulak..mcm skincare ataupon in this case baby care..hehe

haha..kagumla ngan sapa yg pakai cd tu..tapi suka tgk design2 cd..comel betol!

kesimpulannya kita stay je la guna..kang memudaratkan anak kita jugak yg susah..hehe

mommy lyna
saya try jugak boikot apa yg boleh ni..tapi tu la, kalau part2 skincare ke babycare ni exception kot sbb dah serasi..

ha betol tu..boikot apa yg boleh..yg mmg dah keperluan tu dan takde pilihan mmg guna je la

eh tak penah try lotion currently husayn guna mandian dia tu..ok gak la..hilang ruam2 dia..hehe

tu la..saya pon rasa selagi boleh boikot..boikot la. eh dpt free stuff dari johnson's ke..bestnya! haha..meh sini sikitt

queenin murni
ooo ya ke..kat farmasi ada jual tak? nnt bole gak try tu..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

tepuk dada tanya selera.....

atie said...

Betul2...ktie pun ada guna tuk ammar juga...tulah kan...hurm, boikot oh boikot.

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