Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some vouchers to give away and that pink guitar yo!


Remember the Malaysian Dreamgirl audition that I attended? Well, I got a few freebies when I attended this event. And one of the freebies is this Marie France RM50 Product Voucher. Anyway I don't go to Marie France and I think I'll just give this away to anyone who want to have this voucher. The voucher valid until 28 February 2009 and if you love to get your hands on this voucher do email me at I'll give this voucher FOC to anybody who email me first.

I also have another voucher which is a RM50 product voucher at Bella Skincare. So if you are going to Bella or currently having treatment at Bella, I am giving you this voucher FOC. Same procedure like the above, the first one who email me at will get this voucher, no questions asked. Hehehe.

Lastly, this is a RM50 treament voucher at Svenson. Same way like the above, email me and I'll send you the voucher.

Anyway, bear in mind I have only one voucher each, so just email me which voucher you would like to get your hand onto. All vouchers expired date are on 28 February 2009. I'm giving this away because if I keep it, it will just be wasted away and expired. So I think it's better if I just give this away. So email sajalah if you are interested.

By the way, I have just launched my new lyrics cum mp3 cum you tube video favourites blog.
Go here to That Pink Guitar yo!

That Pink Guitar is actually a compilation of all my favourite songs. Sometimes I have mp3 for download but sometimes I am just plain lazy so no mp3 lah. Anyway the mp3 link is from all over the web but of course belilah album yang original. Kehkeh.

6 superstars:

masviona said...

wah voucher from marie france bodyline tuh

m@Ri@ said...

wow byknya voucher..

~~ciklinn~~ said...

wah byknyer voucher... best best best

mc'eja said...

ala,,,mest voucher tuh dh ade org amik.hehe..

supermummy said...

sapa nak mari2...yg bella dah ada org amek..tinggal 2 je lagi..hehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

murah rezeki intan...

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