Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The most cunning way to find out the truth from your teenage son

Did you managed to catch Desperate Housewives Season 5 last night? I'm quite an avid follower of this series and have been following since Season 1. It's not like I'm the biggest fan or something but I have this habits of following series once I started to watch it.

Anyway one scene that caught my attention last night was when Lynette decided to pretend as a high school girl to investigate whether her son has been hanging out with his classmate who has been involved in drug. Guess what did she do? She actually chatted with her son online while pretending that she is a high school girl and her son ended up falling for her! Well not her exactly, but the high school girl- which does not exist at all. Hehe.

And then it struck me, if it's me I might do the same thing as Lynette! I'm the kind of person who is always interested to know my siblings' love life and love to menyibuk-nyibuk around. I mean isn't it ironic someone that you have known since birth, who you watched grow up and saw them with their most selekeh faces suddenly become interested in the opposite gender? I also am guilty of browsing through my siblings' SMS just to know what is happening in their lives. It's different you know hearing from their own mouth and finding out things by yourself. Kehkeh. Anyway my siblings know this habits of mine so they all hide their phones somewhere. Haha.

As for Husayn I hope someday when he started to become interested with girl he will tell me all about it and introduce me to her and when he goes through those teenage angst years, he will not find me irritating and still talk to me like I'm his best friend in the whole wide world. Oh well, I wish! Anyway I had to hide my first boyfriend when I was 16 because my mother and father, well you know..parents kan..And my teenage angst years are nothing to be proud of, so I hope Husayn will not do the same like I did.

Husayn used to look like this.

Anyway do watch Desperate Housewives Season 5. Gabrielle look unbelievably selekeh and so not her classy self, Bree has become famous, Edie has a new Husband, Susan has split up with Mike and hook up with a tukang cat, and Carlos has become an old-looking tukang urut!

This is really Gabrielle and Carlos' family. I take quite same time to believe it first myself. Haha

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Dee said...

uwaaa..napa smlm sy tgu mana ni?

Pink Mama said...

I pun semalam macam tak percaya nengok Gabrielle, she looks like a spanish helper. erkk....dah tak glamorous.

Jade said...

hehe.. me n hubby watch d drama also..lawak betul...but penuh dgn nasihat sebenarnya

Zuhaini said...

erm.. star world ka..?

is that their real daughters..? or is it in the film..?

supermummy said...

kat 8tv...semalam 2nd episode utk season 5..pkl 10.30..lepas ugly betty..hehe

pink mama
haha..lawakkan tgk gabrielle..mmg selekeh habis..

aah tu la..tu yg suka layan je tu..kehkeh

kat world punya ketinggalan sikit..8tv yg selalu update. yg daughter tu dalam series tu je. in real life, eva longoria ni takde anak lagi, husband dia yg sebenar juga adalah basketball player yg sangat tinggi..kehkeh

ZH - Ena said...

btl tu ena pun mungkin akan menyibuk2 ngan life story psl ank ena nnti..tapi kan ank kita akan suka ker ngan tindakan kita nnti..

mmg jd lain gabrielle..selekeh abis la..bree plak sibuk ngan dunia masakan dia sampai lupa hubby kat umah..hehehehe cian sambil masak sambil nangis

Liza said...

ala, terforgot ler pulak, nak kena tgk next week nie

bOnda said...

alaaa..naper semalam t'lepas nieh..huhuhu..anyway, laki eddie tu ingatkan pakar mOtivasi tapiiii..tetttttttt..huisy..nk dOnlOd la hujung minggu ni..

nURmALa mAZLan said...

kak..semalam kita pon tgk...gabrielle dah x glamour cam dulu..skang dia cam maid je..nama dia pon dah di 'cancel' utk majlis semalam tu..hehe!!

Arin said...

haah..smlm si gabrielle mmg selekeh tapi still menjadi pojaan hati ku..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

zana mmg x mengikuti cerita inia...

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