Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life beyond Husband is totally unthinkable

Diamonds are forever, but Husbands are not.

I had this conversation with my colleague a few weeks ago, regarding this. I mean have you ever thoughts life beyond your husband? Well there's the double d to think about - death and divorce, though I sincerely hope god forbids the second D. I mean sure currently you are happy with your life, with loving husband and amazing kids, but then I'd say always look forward and make backup plans.

If you are working, have your own savings and never ever depends totally on joint account. If you are not working, also have your own savings and don't use up all the money that your husband give you. I know it is very hard to think life beyond your husband, since I myself cannot even think about it. Sure, Husband and I fight a lot but I guess I've always love him and life beyond him is totally unthinkable!

But then I always believe that life constantly change and people do change a lot. I mean that's why you see a lot of marriages even after 10 years of blissful life suddenly broke up.

So women, you really need to have a backup plan!

Me and Husband when we were younger, not married and kind of restless, and the time when I still can fit into that kebaya (actually i can still fit into that kebaya but then the buttons will all look nearly popped out especially on the upper part..hahah)

p/s:Boyfriend Rihanna iaitu Chris Brown telah menumbuknya hingga menyebabkan Rihanna termiss buat performance semasa Grammy Awards semalam. Chris Brown pula telah ditangkap polis sebab kes ni. Saya tertanya-tanya jadikah Rihanna ni datang Malaysia 13 Februari ni ya kerana mukanya sudah lebam-lebam. Untuk berita lanjut silalah baca di sini.

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Liza said...

just got the starnews alert rihanna is postponing her visit to malaysia...

on the husband thingy, you couldn't be more right, i've seen the 2 d cases and really learning from it, but the second d is worse kan?

supermummy said...

ohh..dah agak dah mesti posponed or cancelled..aha betol, the second d is much more unbearable!

ZH - Ena said...

tak pernak terpikir pun..after this mmg kena buat back up plan..btl tu kita tak tau apa akan terjd akan dtg kan

mama zharfan said...

kind of touching plak ur posting ni...about the 2 D...death is inevitable...can't simply imagine if it were to ever happen to me...though i'm independent type...whatever the future holds, DOA is always our weapon..pray for the best...Ameen..

.:chEyaNtie:. said...

hmmm..a lot of cases yang saya jumpa macam ni..2o years of marriage pon leh d..

women must be ready for any situation..kalau tak d pon, mana la tau umur tak panjang kan..apepon isteri mesti ada saving sendiri so that kalau berlaku apa2,can be independent..

and women..please be independent n not too hanging with ur husben..;)

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

berserah seadanyer....
itu yg terbaik di takdirka buat kita

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