Saturday, February 7, 2009

I don't have the energy to be a Stay at home Mom

I wonder how SAHM do it.

Honestly it is more tiring staying at home with husband and kid. Only one kid, mind you. Not 2,3,4 or 5. Either I am too lembik or too tired, or maybe plain lazy. Haha.

Here's the reason why:
Husayn kept throwing tantrums - nak tengok video selawat raihan non stop, entering the store so frequently and came out with screw driver or some other tools, successfully broke my brother's handphone casing today, want to read book while i breastfeed him too (since i love reading books while breastfeeding him), everytime i said no he will try to test me and do something which he shouldn't and a lot a lot more.

But I guess I should be grateful. There's nothing more satisfying and heavenly than his cheeky face. No matter what he do. Hehe.

Maybe I am just so tired because I did not consume my Jamu Mak Dara today kottt....Haha.

Anyway I am still compiling all the entries for the bag giveaway. Thank you so muchos for all the lovely entries ya! I will email you the discount vouchers hopefully by next week. Til then, have a great weekend! I'll be staying at home and be a good mommy.Hoho.

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nURmALa mAZLan said...

kak..kita yg lom ada kid ni pon cam penat je dok umah..hehe...kena makan jamu mak dara jugak kot

mrs.hafizNEN said...

i'm a SAHM and i wish i could work! LOL!
gitulah selalunye kan, always the opposite of each and everyone's wishes.

anyways super mummy kene tolong! i have JUST ONE DAY left of the polling in my website! so i nak mintak tolong superdupermummy broadcast my url to other mommies on ur post to cast some last minute votes! can?

ok, kene pegi hospital. mirza's blood test again today. hope the denggi in him dah gone completely!

ummi balqis said...

hehehe... tu si husayn nak attention u je tu sbb weekdays kan he wont see u about 8 hrs a day... cara dia manja2 lah tu.. heehehe

btw, sahm mmg penat ya amat but, kalo kerja n living on our own... i guess lg tiring... sbb sume kite kene wat sniri.. betul ke? cume pendapat i saje...

hey husayn... jgn gigit mommy kamu lg ya.. hehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

penat mmg jadi mummy nie
tp w/pun anak2 tu kekdg boleh buat kita hilang sabar....mereka jugak penawarnyer.....

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