Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking is definitely not my forte

I am not what you call an expertise in the kitchen area.

When I was a kid, I'd rather go out and play the bola baling every afternoon for every single day instead of helping my mother in the kitchen. In fact my mother did membebel a few times due to me being super hardworking when it comes to running around the field but refusing to help her in the kitchen. Kehkeh.

My mother is a superb cook and usually when I helped her in the kitchen, I got a lot of free nagging due to my lembab-ness in peeling the onion or wrongly cutting the potatoes or timun. Haha. I am not really a big fan of nagging, so I avoided the kitchen altogether. Honestly, I got self conscious when I do my cooking with other people, and I'd rather do my cooking alone so I do my mistakes alone without anybody nagging besides me. Hoho.

Anyway enough about my not-competent-at-all-cooking-skills. But I do cook once in a while! And that usually happens when my mother is not at home. I used to cook 3 lauk for one hour (lama tak! haha) but now I can proudly say I can finished the same 3 lauk for 1/2 an hour. My mother of course can finish the same 3 lauk for 15 minutes. And the kitchen will still look intact and super clean. How I envy that.

OK the point of this story is I actually cooked last Sunday! And here's my lauk

Ikan with splashes of onions..Oh I like this one! Goreng the ikan garing-garing and then tabur with fried onions and makan when the nasi is still hawtt!

Sambal ikan bilis+tempe+tauhu, also goreng until garing and one of Husband's fav too!

This is my sayur. Actually this is for Husayn but I also like this kind of vegetables. When I feel like going more healthier (or is it lazier?) I prefer to cook the sayur without minyak.

I guess I am quite lucky because Husband is not that cerewet and he will usually say whatever I cook is sedap, though sometimes I suspect it's all comforting words and nothing else. Haha. I really do wish I can cook better so one day when Husayn grows up he will say to his friends "mak aku masak sedaaap!" Haha. And here's him with food around his mouth, looking masam like the usual. But I looove to nuzzle his masam neck since it smells like bantal busuk. Kehkeh.

By the way doncha think the Slumdog Millionaire's kids look super adorable during Oscar? The boy at the most left and the small girl in front is actually from the Mumbai slum, handpicked by the director himself. And they actually live a very hard life but now they get to be stars at Oscar! I saw the kids being interviewed and love seeing them so enthusiastic and showing their autograph book. Kehkeh.

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Liza said...

takpe, at least you still make an effort to cook, and the food looks sedap to me, air tgn isteri ni lain skit and i'm sure your hubby is really sincere with the compliments

pizli_mw said...

soto mak kau is the best.. orang yang jual soto yang konon dari johor pun tak sesedap soto mak kau..

masviona said...

halllamak me tooo...saya pun suke ikan gureng ngan bawang² gureng itu...sukenye

bOnda said...

hallemak sis..memang bOleh sampai 3 pinggan la kalO nasi hawt ngan ikan gOreng rangup..pehhh

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Arin said...

sambal ikan bilis + tempe + tauhu mmg peberet arin tuh..pastuh kalau best ader telo mata kebau..phewww...

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

me too x pandai masak..and always avoid...bila my mum suruh tolong dia masak kat dapur dulu2...hu hu hu...

nasib baik jugak kawen ngan hubby yg x cerewet bab makan2...apa yg i masak dia makan...kalu i tak masak...makan luar....ha ha ha

but.....just like u...nak gark bila anak2 dah besar...dia org dgn bangga bgtahu kengkawan dia org yg mak diaorg pandai masak...hu hu hu

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

until now
i tak berkesempatan lagi nak tgk slamdog millionaire tu

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