Friday, February 20, 2009

Amazing Blog Friday: Batik dari Bandung

Oh it's been quite some time since I last did my Amazing Blog Friday thing. Anyway for this week's Amazing Blog Friday I will be featuring an online shop from husband and wife team; Liza and Pizli who also happen to be my ex colleagues at International Medical University (IMU).

Aptly named Batik dari Bandung, their online shop specialised in selling Batik from Bandung of course! The business officially started last year and they are selling various kinds of batik such as the Thai Silk kebaya, the Jaguar Silk Kebaya, the 3 in 1 Jacquard and the latest one is the Modern Baju Kurung. This couple is based at Bukit Mahkota, Kajang and I have managed to catch up with Liza to talk about her business.
1. When did you start your online shop
Officially in August 2008

Liza and her son, Umar

2. What drive you to start your business online?
Just for fun and trying to test out the market out there, well at first it was just to help out a friend by becoming their so called agent, but we are planning to run the business individually by getting stocks direct from the supplier soon, then only we can get it and sell it at a much cheaper price to the buyer.

3. Are you doing online business full time or do you do part time?
This is just a part time business...

Go pinky with this one!

4. Why do you choose batik from Bandung as your product?
A lot of response came in for us to try and sell 'telekung' and brooches other than what we have now, but basically my husband, he's the one who is actually interested in this business, seems to appreciate the batik more, since he says that the quality of the material is of good and high quality and he finds that the batik prints and embroideries were nice and beautiful, plus the price is also much cheaper.

5. Do you plan to expand your products (besides selling batik)?
Yes if the demand arises, because we do plan on selling other stuff as well but still sticking to cloth materials, maybe from other parts of the region.

The kurung modern

6. How do you promote your business?
Online and offline, my husband do emails to all his friends and mine, we also use our personal blogs to promote the latest that we have to offer and become members of a few online shopping directories.

7. Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customers come from?
Currently all over malaysia, not yet reaching the international market

8. Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
A lot of patience and never give up easily.

So if you want to browse or buy just go here to Batik dari Bandung! Thank you so much Liza and Pizli for willing to be featured here! And for that, this badge is especially for you!

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