Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The woman, her son, her husband and the sea

From MDG to PD it was a really hectic Saturday. As soon as we arrived home, I packed all my stuff and Husayn's for the PD thing. We went to PD with Husband's uncle, auntie, a friend and a family friend. We hitched a ride with Husband's uncle and Husayn was crying his heart out because he was afraid of the uncle. Haha. He actually cried non stop from Kelana Jaya to Seri Kembangan where he ended up falling asleep. Kehkeh.

The manja boy hugging mama tightly

We went for dinner later that night at Nasreen Seafood. The food was nice and Husayn had a fun time chasing cat around the restaurant.

The apartment's name where we stayed is Sri Bulan and the place is okaylah, with all the kitchen, and two rooms, seaview and pool view at RM185. Of course it is no 5-star hotel, but still it is very near the beach and Husayn kept shouting "Ma! Jalan jalan!"
This is Husayn sleeping on Sunday morning. Note the way he position his leg. That is exactly my position when I sleep! Amazing!
Me and my senget head in front of the elevator. The elevator here stinks though. It smell like a cross between bau hanyir and cat's pee. Euwww! I tahan my nafas every time I went inside this elevator. Haha.
We dragged Husayn from his sleeping reverie to watch the air pasang. It was windy and the waves scared me a little.
After that we dragged him to the swimming pool where he cried again just because I wanted to change his clothes to his swimsuit. But as soon he got to play with the water he was grinning again. Isk.
We also went for a ride on a boat. Right after this pic was taken Husayn was crying and wailing because he was really afraid of the boat or water..I also have no idea. Haha. He actually cried until we finished the boat ride. Anyway the boat ride is supposed to be RM60 but after bargaining, got-lah discount until RM50. Nice ride though. Wish I could ride the banana boat, but then if I ride the banana boat, Husayn nak letak mana? Haha.
Husayn's post crying face. No wonder I love to bully him until he ketawa or cried..haha.
And this is his mengada-ngada crying face. Haha. Memang nak kena buli lagi..
All salty playing in the sea!

And then mandi again in the shower!

All in all it was good trip and I cannot even remember when was the last time I went to PD. Thanks to Mak Chan for belanja-ing all of us there and I thought it is quite nice holidaying when the school already started instead of during the school holiday. Hehe.

By the way my Malaysian Dreamgirl's audition write up has already been uploaded here!

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Zuhaini said...

wah.. seronoknya... :)

peah @ peps said...

rindunya...nak bercuti...I pernah makan kat Nasreen Seafood...They served good food..:)..

aznitaz said...

best kan gi holiday ngan family. my son pun dulu takut ngan air. skang dia ok dah after we all paksa dia berendam dlm pool. he..he..

oliole said...

bestnya Husayn mandi laut...

ARIFFDA said...

bestnye pe PD...seronok tgk husayn...

supermummy said...

haha tu la..mohler ke pd..kehkeh

haa betol2..sedap jugak makanan nasreen ni

oo ya ke..haa camni kena paksa my son selalu berendam dlm swimming pool..haha..selalu dia mandi dalam tub dia je..kalau mandi dalam tub mmg tak nak keluar..hahha

tu la..mula2 takut..bila dah lama2 dia rasa best tak mau naik pulak

haha..asyik menangis je dia..semua pon takut..garang je lebih..haha

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bestnyer bercuti di tepian pantai
husyan enjoy d moment

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