Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Win any bag of your choice from AliceWonders.com!

Remember my Amazing Blog Friday's feature AliceWonders.com? Well, the generous people at AliceWonders.com have been sooo generous that they agree to sponsor for a contest today! Well, here's what you need to do:

1. Go to AliceWonders.com and select ANY bag of your choice. Yes, I really mean any!
If it's me I'll choose this one
or even this one!
2. Create a new entry in your blog with this title:

"Me needs a free bag from AliceWonders.com!"

3. In your post, write why you want the bag of your choice sooo badly. You can write a long long post, or create a poem, paste a pic of yourself or even create a superimpose pic of you with the bags..the list is endless! You are also free to write in BM or English..as long as i can understand then it's ok lah. Hehe.

4. Link to Malaysian Supermummy and AliceWonders.com

5. Once you are finished, please leave a comment here with your email address.

So what is the prize for this contest? Well, you can win any bag of your choice from AliceWonders.com! That is the reason why I ask you to blog about your favourite bag from AliceWonders.com!

Unfortunately, there will be only ONE winner selected, but don't fret- all entries for the contest will be awarded 20% instant voucher for any bags in AliceWonders.com! The voucher will be emailed to you so it is important to leave your email address after you finish the post. So hurry, start writing your blog now! All the best!

Oh by the way contest ends 31 January 2009!

27 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

wah.. menarik ni.. :)

supermummy..husayn sihat..? lama x dgr cerita si comel sorang tu.. hihi..

Jade said...
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Jade said...

Dear Intan,

haha..i'll be d first mummy to kepoh2 blog about d bag..

my email address :
jed1081[at]yahoo dot com


nURmALa mAZLan said...

oo..patut la gi blog jade tadi ada entry serupa ni juga..hehe

sabrinaabubakar said...

halo supermummy!!!
i've already post an entry bout it...
my email is sabrinaabubakar@yahoo.com


DASY world said...

I've already post an entry, my email suryati_zainal@hotmail.com

Aishah Megahasz said...

Dah post entry kat http://megahasz.blogspot.com

My e-mail megahasz@yahoo.com

supermummy said...

thanks for all the entries! keep the entries coming ya..

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

miE dah post entry...


mintak mintak la mImiE azimask dapat..

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

uiihh luper.. my email

yahoo --> azimask@yahoo.com

gmail pon ok jugak.... sama jer.. cumer tukar yahoo ke gmail aje..


Liza said...

hi there, done my entries...email address lz_shr@yahoo.com..thanks...

Imah Ishak said...

Hi Intan...trying my best of luck here...:-)


email add :-


.:chEyaNtie:. said...

salam...alamak..sebenarnyer dah lame wat entry ni,just emel kat alicewonders aje..tapi cube2 la tengok hehehe



Mrs ZYI said...

hi supermummy, I've done an entry.



Ili Z. Norizan said...

i've just posted an entry about how i need an AliceWonders.com bag

here's the link:

Ili Z. Norizan said...

oopsie daisy i forgot
here's my email:

either one cos both are active accounts :)

Feeqah said...

OK, I've posted a new post just so that I could have a go to get the bag that I want sooo much...

Here's the link, please please please check it out http://bigbikebiker.blogspot.com/2009/01/me-needs-free-bag-from-alicewonderscom.html

and my e-mail is phoekarhu31phoenix@yahoo.com

Thanks for this interesting opportunity Intan!!!

Mysunshine Gift Shop said...

hi supermummy,
I did an entry abt AliceWonders.com

here's the link

my email : zarinasemuri@yahoo.com


btw, I did reply your email that day u send..

suziemclean said...


Please check my blog http://suziemclean.wordpress.com.

Hope you'll pick me as the winner of Me Needs a Free Bag from Alicewonders.com!

My email is suzie252 at gmail dot com.

.K.I.T.E. .P.U.N.Y.A. said...


done on the n3
my blog : http://kitepunye.blogspot.com

email add:

miSs inTerpReted said...

Salam Super Mummy,

Kita pon ada buat entry untuk contest ni.

Boleh baca entry kita at vanilla-krapfen[dot]blogspot[dot]com

email kita: sabariah[dot]salleh[at]gmail[dot]com

Aishah Megahasz said...


sabrinaabubakar said...

haloo babe..
here's my 2nd post on Alicewonders...



p/s aritu gi Pangkor if i know that u were there earlier i can meet up with u...

larra said...

Hi Supermummy

Newbie here. Here is my entry. Thanks!



mama zharfan said...

hi supermummy...i wanna join too...i've posted my entry+comment!


my email : suzie284@yahoo.com

Thanks organizing this interesting contest !!!!

supermummy said...

thanks all for the entry ya! contest is now officially closed..i'll email u guys the discount voucher hopefully by next week!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

OMG......the yellow tu sgt mengujakan hati ler intan

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