Monday, January 12, 2009

Surrounded by slim beautiful girls and big shiny camera make me feel damn inferior!

Weekend was a hectic but delightful one. I got to meet Elaine Daly and attend the Malaysian Dreamgirl(MDG) audition at Impiana KLCC, and I also got to have a short holiday at Port Dickson! Since there are tons of piccas, I'm writing about MDG today and the PD thing will be posed tomorrow.

Anyway, the MDG thing was on Saturday and it was hard for me at first deciding who will take care of Husayn. My parents were going to the Aman Palestin thing at Stadium Melawati so I don't want to burden them with Husayn, and I ended up asking Husband to take care of Husayn. But of course Husayn and Husband sent me to Impiana, and then they went off jalan.-jalan somewhere. And it was also hard trying to pick the outfit for that day! The day before I dropped by Sogo to wear for the MDG but ended up with nothing at all. So I just made do with what I have here..

Pic inside Isetan'a changing room as I was on my way to buying that purple top. Hoho

I arrived at Impiana around 10 something and Simon, who was suppose to cover the event with me for the morning session has already arrived. The place is totally swamped with girls!

Judges from l-r: Julie, the founder of Beautilicious, Elaine Daly, celebrity of course, Andrew Tan of Andrew's Models

Anyway I wish I stayed for lunch and until the end of the audition. I was really rushing since Husband, Husayn and I have to rush to PD that afternoon. But it was quite an experience for me. I mean I usually watch this kind of thing from the comfort of my bed at home while lounging lazily in front of the tv but now I am sitting just a few metres from the judges. And if you want to read more write up for the event, I guess you just have to wait for my post in MDG blog (which I am still working on right now..haha!)

And guess who I met at the audition?
Malaysia's very own super blogger, Mr Kenny Sia of course! He was one of MDG's first season judge but for this season, he will be doing this online judge thing for MDG. The other 2 bloggers, the men in black (these 2 were dressed in black that initially I thought they were the official photographers or something..hehe) Satkuru and Andrew were also there to cover the afternoon session of the event. It was really nice meeting you guys, though it was a really short and brief one. Satkuru and Andrew though really make me felt inferior with their big black shiny cameras. And there I was, still using my 4-year-old 3.2 megapixels Nikon camera who was actually on low battery mode during the audition, even though I have charged the battery all night!

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小泽 (DSvT) said...

Drop by to say hi...
Nice blog~

you met Kennysia... great~

my english blog at

precious innocent said...

eeee... bangganye mak... dpt kwn dgn celebrity.. walaupun hanya d alam maya.. ahaks!!!

-mama emma-

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

...have a wonderful MDG...

supermummy said...

hi thanks for dropping by!

haha selebriti mana pulak ni? hahah

ya tenkiu tenkiu...

Mizz Butter said...

Hi its u sitting in that audition room with a very prominent n bold red tudung!! Was so happy to see u right from the beginning of the audition! hehehe nice to know u anyway n such a nice thing u wrote at MDG blog..thanks ya!

Satkuru said...

LOL hope i didn't frightened you away. so happened we wore the same attire and the cameras probably made everyone more confused :P

it was nice meeting you :D

Simon Seow said...

It's such a coincident that the crew is wearing black too. lol

So, that's why have to rush off so fast. Next time we take picture.

supermummy said...

mizz butter
hi..glad u dropped by here! anyway don't sedih2 since u did not get into second round..after all andrew love the way u style ur tudung tau! hehe..

hahaha..i really thought u and andrew are from the same company or sumthing..

ya..hope to catch u and the rest next time!

Mizz Butter said...

hey worries..took it as something that motivates me to do better in the future!seriously he liked it? wow..glad to know that..the industry need some changes (this is from myyyyy point of view)...speak to u soon mummy!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

glamour u

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