Friday, January 2, 2009

Being a stay at home mom for a week is truly heavenly!

Staying at home made me idle. I took a leave this week but I spent most of the time staying at home and I thought it was quite nice for a change, but of course it seemed so nice because I have Husayn who are so tiresome to chase around and the Astro remote control in my hand I can happily flip through all the channel all day though sometimes there are nothing to watch at all! And then there's the internet at home. The other day when all my siblings were at home (I have 5 of them by the way!) and there are 2 desktop pc and 2 notebook all running at the same time in the house, I have my liberty to choose which one I'd like to use. But since 2 of my sisters with the notebook have went back to their college and uni, I have to rely on the desktop pcs which mostly I haven't got the chance to use since it is either:

1. My dad is surfing the net
2. My brother is playing games the whole day
3. The computer is free to use but Husayn is wide awake
4. I managed to on the pc and surf one websites and there Husayn again running happily to me shouting "Mama! Bob! Roary! Thomas!" which means I have to open youtube and show all the named theme songs video to him. And then he will start playing with the keyboard and I will take him away from the computer and he will be shouting and screaming which means I can't be near the computer when he is wide awake. Haha.

So that will explain why I am not regularly updating. If y ou are wondering how I manage to update right now, Husayn is fast asleep. Hehe..

I was also so bored last Sunday that I suddenly had the idea to make cupcakes. I was yearning for one anyway and my siblings were all at home so I thought it was perfect for cupcakes making afternoon. Hoho.

The cuppy in its full glory!
..and half eaten..oh so heavenly..yummy!

Besides watching Twilight more than 5 times, I have also bought all the Twilight books! I have finished two and another two go. I read some comments on my Twilight entry and you guys said that the books are much more better and I got to agree. And if I can choose which Twilight character I will choose Alice. She's so cute and pixie like and most of all I thought it is really cool that she can see the future. Anyway I thought if I can choose one extraordinary gift that can be bestowed upon myself I would have chosen the seeing the future thing. Ha, that will also explain why I like to read the book's last page just to see the ending and I am actually one of those persons that don't mind if you tell me the movie's ending. Oh and to complete my Twilight infatuation, I also have downloaded the full album of Twilight soundtrack. Haha, this long holiday must be doing something to my head. Hehe.

And to think I have only two days left before work started to bug me again!
*stretching out lazily*

Oh ya before I forgot, HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR! My new year resolution is to be debt free this year and buy a house and end up be in debt again! Haha.

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.K.I.T.E. .P.U.N.Y.A. said...

salam supermummy

mmmm .. mmg gila suka kat Twilight punya cite siap blh buku lagi ...
tgk movie tu pun dah 5 kali.. banyak sei tgk movie tu ...

KP tak sempat lagi nak tgk movie tu

anyway cupcakes tu look cute and delicious ... kasi resipi blh tak
email to me

thanks yea

Mr. azmie said...

erm...mavelus...bestnya...salam singgah..

Nurmala said...

nampak sedap la..nak sket!!! wuaaa!!!

Mama Shazzy.. said...

supermummy...where did u get the twilight books...?? i pg bookshop asyik sold out je..huhuhu..want to get to whole set for my sekarang x sempat nak membaca dah..mebe i jz watch the movie first..hehehe

Andrew said...

hi super mummy!! happy new year to you!! and hope you'll have a great year ahead!!! KL audition is next week!! hehe... hopefully it will be a good one!!

fiezafadilla said...

hi supermummy.... happy new year...

idajer said...

hi supermum!! happy new year!!cupcakes ituh sungguh mengiurkan..!!

Yatie said...

the cup cakes tuh mengiurkan, yatie

supermummy said...

nnt saya emailkan resipi tu..tapi sebenarnye resipi tu dah ada dlm blog ni pon..hahah

mr azmie
selamat dtg !

hahah..meh2 sini rasa sikitt

twilight books tu ada 2 tempat i moon ngan twilight beli kat mph one utama..breaking dawn dengan eclipse kat kinokuniya..heheh

hey happy new year to u too! looking forward to the audition this week..but ur session is at 2 right? mine is the morning session..heheh

happy new year fieza!

haha try la buat..kehkeh

haha tu la..tu yg mengidam sampai buat cupcakes tu..ekhkeh

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

syokkknyer kalu dpt duduk rumah lelama
kekadang bila cuti dah lama sangat
mula ler meroyan nak naik kerja

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