Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's go berLUMUT!

I just arrived from Taiping at 3am this morning and I felt like I came to work sleepwalking. Hehe.

We went to Lumut on Saturday night via the Kuala Selangor road. I haven't been to Lumut for a looong time, I think the last time was when during my university days when we were doing our photography assignment. This time we went to Lumut fo Kenduri, but we stayed at Hotel Putra in front of the Lumut Waterfront, courtesy of Mak Chan, husband's family friend who has been generous enough to belanja all of us!

Me, Mak Chan and Husayn. Husayn kept muttering Tok Chan but if I let Mak Chan hold him, he will cry!

This is the rate for the hotel that we stayed.

It was peak season and this place is so crammed with people! The hotel is ok-lah, not exactly a 5 star type, a friend of Husband's even said that "ni bukan hotel hostel!" Hahaha. He's quite right, but then the area is strategic, what's with the hotel facing the jetty to Pangkor and right smack in front of the Waterfront. So you can just walk to anywhere.

The above pic is view from our room at 1 in the morning. I can't believe how Lumut has changed so much! Anyway by the time we got to our room Husayn was screaming and crying since he kept shouting "air laut! jalan jalan!" which literally means let's go lepak at the waterfront and watch the boats and the sea. Haha. Actually before that we went to late dinner at Nasi Kandar near the Waterfront area. He got excited watching the sea that he was really mad when we dragged him home.

I had this for my breakfast and it was truly heavenly! Haven't had roti canai for a long time you see. Been living on a diet of cereal and milk for don't know how long. Hehehe.

We went for breakfast with Husband's friend which also merangkap family friend of Husband's, Abg Samsul. Oh did I tell you Abg Samsul was also our room mate! Haha. Somehow, Abg Samsul ended up sleeping in the same room as us, but of course he slept on the floor with the selimut as alas. Kehkeh. Nasiblah. As for me I ended up sleeping with my tudung on and breastfeeding Husayn under the blanket! Urgh!

As we were having breakfast, Husayn was of course running here and there, and shouting at flock of birds nearby.

And lastly a pic of me and Husband which has been quite rare these days. Notice the same clothes as the previous night. And yes, we went straight to the mamak without bothering to have a bath. Haha. Oh well will update you on the Pangkor rendezvous later-laterlah. Somehow, I am quite blur what have I written too! I really need a sleep!

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nURmALa mAZLan said...

kak, last year kita gi lumut kan..mmg banyak perubahan kak..jeti dia dah cantik...pastu kat sana dah ada cam dataran merdeka kat KL tu kan kak kan..

wak!!!!rindu la nak gi lumut lagik!!

ummi balqis said...

bestnyeeee jalan2.. hihi.

btw, tensen kan tdo pakai tudung. huhu...

yantz-yeem said...

Hi salam kenal gaks...x sangka femes sungguh awak...oh yea saya ada gaks bc artikel dlm NST tu...x sangka kita jumpe gaks di sini...

Arin said...

gie lumut/pangkor last 2 years..waterfront dia mmg cantik..

supermummy said...

betol ke ni..ataupun hanya scam..isk

aah betol..cantik la area tu..last pegi 5 ke 6 tahun lepas..biasa2 je..kehkeh

ummi balqis
haha..mana tak tensen tido pakai tudung..serabut betol..hahaha

haha..femes apanya..biasa2 jelah..

haa tu la..tapi ramai betol orang ya..

sabrinaabubakar said...

Dah back dari lumut?emm next time jgn stay that hotel..haiyah..amat mahal and servis very bad ookeh..hotel apek sebelah tu better and cheaper.Cuma takde lift jek.But the room much nicer and bersih..

Liyana said...

ok gak kalau g sana tak pnah la plak dok kt lumut...mesti g pulau ;-D

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

sapa tahu u tak mandi lagi
yg penting dah gosok gigi
cuci muka
later2 boleh mandi maaa

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