Monday, January 26, 2009

I sincerely hope The Host will ease my obsession with Twilight


At the time of writing this, there are only 5 entries to the contest...sikitnya! Hehe..come on I know you guys can do better than that! Come,come send your entries today and you will get a discount voucher just by sending an entry! And the selected winner will of course win a bag of their choice! Kan ke best tu! If only I can enter, I will definitely enter this contest! But since the prize is only for Malaysian Supermummy readers (not the blog owner..haha) I guess you guys have to grab this chance..FAST! To all who have submitted their entry, many thanks and you will receive your discount voucher after the contest deadline. No worries ya! Hihi..

Anyway I went to One Utama 2 days ago and I bought this latest book by Stephanie Meyer (yes the author who wrote the Twilight series), Her latest book is entitled The Host and it is supposed to be about aliens. I guess she loves to write about unworldly stuff. The best thing is at MPH, the price was about RM61 but they have this 20% discount for this book until 31 January so I got this one at RM40++! I'll do that book review later when I finish it and hopefully it will be as good as Twilight. Ok tata!
Stephanie Meyer's latest- The Host

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Liyana said...

bestnye...dh lama tak sit (or should i say lay) and read a tak buku nye?aku 'the innocent man' john grisham pun tak habih2 lg...dh brape bulan ni??!!!dulu brape jam je dah abis baca

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

x tengok lagi citer nie
nak cari jugak lerr

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