Friday, January 30, 2009

I promise this will be my last entry on Lumut or Pangkor or anything like it.

Some of you must have grown sick of reading this Lumut thing by now, but I promise today is the last day I wrote about Lumut! So bear with me ya..
Yes, we did go to Pangkor. But look at the crowd there! Husayn of course being 1/2 mengada ngada and 1/2 cerewet (or issit restlessness?) kept merengek. Tickets to Pangkor is RM10 for return ticket.
By the time we went nearer to the ferry, he was crying (more like screaming actually) and kicking. I don't know how, but he just realised we are on our way to board a ferry and he was
so takut, maybe he was traumatic after riding a boat at PD the other day. It was hot and we were sweating and we were already on the jetty so there was no turning back lah. Husayn was shouting "Mama! Tak nak! Tak nak! Balik!". Kehkeh. Kesian betul anakku ni. The people inside the ferry kept staring at Husayn and tried to pujuk him too! Tapi of course to no avail. Hahaha.
We rented this Iswara for RM70. Expensive ya? I guess it was peak season since it was on the day of Chinese New Year. Initially the guy asked for RM80 but aftee bargaining dapatlah kurang RM10.We had our lunch at this gerai. It was 2 something and I was damn hungry! The gerai was situated beside a resort and in front of a beach.
Me with budak gembeng (which means suka nangis in jawa) near the beach. It was sooo hot it was impossible to mandi manda here.
Apparently there is a Dutch Fort at Pangkor, but by the time we arrived here Husayn and I was already pengsan. Haha..serius ngantuk gila!
The evidence that me and Husayn totally passed out inside the car. So Husband did his sight seeing alone.
I woke up and arrived at this shop. So we went shopping for food and kudapan for our family. Take this and take that, Rm60 lah jugak. Haha.
We then went to this restaurant for minum petang. I ordered air suam for Husayn but of course he wanted my air sirap bandung.
Around 7 we boarded the ferry to go back to Lumut. And look who cried again! Haha. Anyway Pangkor was great, though I spent most of the time sleeping! Haha. At least puas hatilah because we did go to Pangkor.

So enough about Lumut and Pangkor. Oh yes, I will be revamping this blog bit by bit. New year, new look, no? Hehehe. As you can see I have changed the shoutbox since my oggix was having a problem and you can also browse by label at the left side of this page. I have moved things here and there, but if somehow you open this blog and a totally new layout appeared then don't be surprised. After all, I am one fickle minded person. Hehe. Happy weekend and this Monday is also a holiday! Selamat Hari Wilayah!

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pizli_mw said...

masa melawat tidur.. masa bershopping boleh plak bangun..

Mama Mya said...

wah syioknye cuti2 CNY dia hehehe.. Happy weekend..

mama mya

Mommy Lily said...

pangkor mmg best especially bila beli tid bit udang kering dlm botol kecik2 tu...sedapp

supermummy said...

hahaha..automatik terjaga..mungkin sudah takdir macam tu..hahah

haha..tu la..tu pon tak puas hati lagi..

mommy lily
oh ada ya udang kering tu? haha..tak perasan la pulak..takpe nnt lain kali la pegi lagi..

aznitaz said...

pangkor tu mmg best. i pegi april las year kot. makcik belah husband ada duk sana. x sabar nk gi lagi..

Liyana said...

bestnya...last kali g pangkor masa bina insan guru november 2007...boy that was a long time ago

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bila ler me nak sampai pangkor
teluk batek tu pernah sampai hu hu dah dekat tp naper tak terpikir nak ke pangkor

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ngembeng...he he he
mmg jawa ler intan
kenapa husayn nangis tu

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