Monday, January 5, 2009

The year I am out of the shell and still crawling

The first day of work and I managed to wake up early! Haha. I've been waking up around 9 something this past week so I guess that is an accomplishment.

I honestly am stumped for idea but I guess here's some of the things that I have done last year.

1. I started my work as civil servant on 2 January last year so this is my one year anniversary at this office!

2. To think I have ditched being a multimedia designer that I have been doing for the last 5 years, a job which sometimes will drive you crazy but I have done some freelance so I guess it's not so bad either. But I love every second of my new job nonetheless!

3. Celebrated Husayn's first birthday at Genting and he was still not walking during his first birthday. But he was nearly running when he finally can get up to his feet at 13 months!

4. Left Husayn a few times at home with my parents due to courses outside KL. To my amazement everything went ok, though there were a few nights Husayn refused bottled milk and craved for his mother's. Nearly cried when heard his voice on the phone though. Hehe. The longest time I have left him with my parents was 4 days and it was really hard since I specifically hated that course! Haha.

The pekerja kerajaan went to Induksi course and the best thing about courses are of course the makan time!

5. Most importantly I also have started this blog! Initially I intended to do some kind of info blog for mommies but I guess I got deviated. Haha. Now you can find any stories ranging from tips, my rantings, life as a whole and even my current infatuation with Edward Cullen. Haha. Anyway I honestly thought Edward Cullen in the movie is soo breathtaking but when I look at Robert Pattinson who played that role I thought he look okay-lah. How weird is that? It's the same person but so different. Haha. And to all Twilight fan, there will be a sequel to that which is New Moon which will air this summer!
Hi Edward, don't tell my husband I am infatuated with you ya! Sheesh.

6. And this blog has appeared in newspapers, which makes it even weirder to me since I am no super blogger like Redmummy. But I thought it was a nice feeling. Hehe.

7. I also one of the official bloggers (maybe even the oldest!) for Malaysia Dreamgirl and will be doing a coverage on that event this Saturday too!

8. And still waiting for my first paycheque from Nuffnang though I have cashed out like one month ago.

9. Turned 27 and celebrated it by watching the sunrise in Gunung Kinabalu. Absolutely beautiful! The gunung lah..not me..Haha.

10. Brought Husayn for his first flight experience. And I honestly will not drag him for any flight experience soon! Haha..He really need to work up on that tak sabar, throwing tantrums and screaming behaviour which make me look like I am some kind of evil mother!
Husayn on the flight playing under the seat..grr!

Oh well enough of this, my workloads have been waiting patiently for me. See you tomorrow!

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achee_b165 said...

i pn dh kena mula bangun awal skrg coz kerja bru start at kena kluar umah around 7,huhuh...

~p-na mama oja~

supermummy said...

aha..awalnya..i pukul 7 berlingkar lagi kat katil..kehkeh

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

uuu mummy
kalu i pukul 7 berlingkar lagi
sure asyik merah jer punch card tu mummy

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