Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Donating blood is free of charge, so go donate yours today!


My office was having this Kempen Derma Darah (bukan Kempen Derma Dara ya..) yesterday, and I was so excited since it has been quite a long time since I donated my blood. I think the last time was 4 years ago at my previous, previous office and the nurse then rejected me since my blood was trickling soo slow. I don't know what happened to my veins back then, the nurse even sarcastically remarked to me, " Ni tak pernah buat kerja rumah la ni.." Haha..oops, maybe she was half right! Haha.

Anyway yesterday I whole heartedly ever willing baring my arms for the nurse to see and to korek my blood again. Honestly who said that derma darah is painful? Giving birth is 1000 times more painful than derma darah to me! Kehkeh..We have to fill in this form first though..
After that there are a few screenings like your weight (oooh..I am suprised at how heavy I am! Haha), your medical history and so forth. Since I am a left handed, I thought my right arm would be perfect to pump all those blood out.

This is my hand still in 'virgin' state. Look what the nurse prepared for me on my lap!
She first dabbed some ubat bius and then off the needle go inside my veins.
I thought it was ok, but the nurse was having problem with my vein since it was too small! She was moving the needle back and forth and to the left and right it was a little bit painful. I looked so tenang that I fell asleep. Haha. Honestly inside I was like "apa nurse ni main-main dengan vein pulak!", but still it did not match my feeling when I was giving birth when I nearly kicked the nurse's face..Kehkeh.

My blood on the other hand was trickling so slowly. Other people who came in later than me have finished and I was still with only 100ml of blood! The nurse suggested that I used my left hand instead, so I was like okay-lah.
And the above picture is me with my left hand. Other people only use one hand to donate and I was using both of mine. Hahaha..should I feel sick or amazing? I thought I would faint, but of course I did not! The nurse managed to extract 350ml of blood from my left hand so it was okay after all. And she said that my left hand's vein is much more visible, so the next time I want to donate, it would be better to use this left hand of mine.

Yes, that was my blood! So red, so ranuum and the blood is safe and sound in that blood plastic bag, and I've never felt better but my right arm hurts a little bit. The vein must have gone all crazy. And below are the aftermath pictures.
My right arm which only managed to extract 100ml of blood
My left arm which has managed to extract 350ml of blood look fine, dandy and I don't even feel anything!

So if you have the chance, I'd say go and donate your blood. Painful free (well should everything gone well, unlike in my case here), and you don't need any money to donate so you don't have any excuse for that. Anyway my blood is AB, what's yours?

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Zuhaini said...

mine tak salah darah jenis A.

tapi kan supermummy, tak silap saya, ada org pernah kata, once u derma, it should be continously. bukan once in a lifetime punya event. it has something to do with blood yang diganti balik ke apa tah. not sure..

anyway, bravo!!

Loke said...

thank u for donating!

i can't because i'm low blood pressure. sad.


pizli_mw said...

Aku B Positive... Kalau kau pengsan tak cukup darah call aku.. Tapi kena bayarla.. (hahahahah)

B Positive type blood can be safely given to persons with blood types:

* B Positive
* AB Positive

:iBuAfiQah: said...

irnie darah jenis B+..

dah penah derma darah..
lepas tu berat badan naik mendadak..
mama irnie suggest xyah derma dah..

precious innocent said...

i for sure xkan lepas, sbb bf.. & berat badanku x mengijinkan... kekeke

-mama emma-

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

as for me is O +ve...
never in my life donate blood nieh..
takut sebenarnyer
ada penah skali dulu tuh masa kat uitm ada program derma darah..
nak derma.. but sadly that time i'm having my pms... hehhe

cakit tak??? huhuhuh

supermummy said...

oo ya ke? hahha..saya ni derma 3 4 tahun sekali je..kehkeh

hahaha..just doing my bits to help

hahah..mengada bayar buat apa..kata derma

aah tu la..dgr jugak org kata derma ni naik berat badan..tapi mcm saya naik berat badan bukan sebab derma..sbb sendiri mmg makan berlori2! haha

haha..asalkan 45kg ke atas ok dah tu..

tak sakit la..bersalin lagi sakit..kehkeh..mcm kena gigit semut je..

nurulhuda abu bakar said...

hi there, aritu ada acara derma darah kat kl sentral, haha snap2 gambar je buat entry..boleh?

teringin nak derma tapi tatau badan blh accept tak, sb i ada low bp occasionally,

bab takut tu boleh outdo kot sb dah penah warded 2x, hehe

tapi u ada lebam, ouch..

mine is A.. :)

Liyana said...

wahai sahabatku,kau sangat berani...aku takut jarum tul...walaupun telah di'operate' 2 kali dan wat root kenel (kesimpulannya dh kene jarum ni)...masih berdebar di dada bila jarum tu dh nk cucuk...mesti tgn keras je...masa pregnant doktor susah cari urat sbb dh pucat tgk jarum,hehehehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

dah lama me tak buat kerja amal nie
dulu time study sure buat kalu ada
but now
x dpt sedekah wang ringgit
dpt derma darah pun jadilah kan

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